Multiple Vendor SSH2 Implementation Incorrect Field Length Vulnerabilities


SSH Secure Shell products do not appear to be prone to any of the reported vulnerabilities.

F-Secure SSH products are not vulnerable to arbitrary code execution or denial-of-service attacks via exploitation of these issues.

Please see the referenced advisories for more information.

The following vendors have provided fixes:

Cisco IOS 12.2T

Cisco IOS 12.2S

Cisco IOS 12.0ST

Cisco IOS 12.2

Cisco IOS 12.1E

Cisco IOS 12.0S

Simon Tatham PuTTY 0.48

Simon Tatham PuTTY 0.49

Simon Tatham PuTTY 0.53

Pragma Systems SecureShell 2.0

InterSoft SecureNetTerm 5.4.1


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