NTP CVE-2016-1551 Remote Security Vulnerability

Bugtraq ID: 88219
Class: Failure to Handle Exceptional Conditions
CVE: CVE-2016-1551
Remote: Yes
Local: No
Published: Apr 26 2016 12:00AM
Updated: Sep 08 2016 08:01PM
Credit: Matt Street
Vulnerable: Slackware Slackware Linux 14.1
Slackware Linux x86_64 -current
Slackware Linux 14.1 x86_64
Slackware Linux 14.0 x86_64
Slackware Linux 14.0
Slackware Linux 13.37 x86_64
Slackware Linux 13.37
Slackware Linux 13.1 x86_64
Slackware Linux 13.1
Slackware Linux 13.0 x86_64
Slackware Linux 13.0
Slackware Linux -current
NTP NTP 4.3.90
NTP NTP 4.3.25
NTP NTP 4.2.8
NTP NTP 4.2.6
NTP NTP 4.2.5 p74
NTP NTP 4.2.5 p153
NTP NTP 4.2.5 p150
NTP NTP 4.2.4 p8
NTP NTP 4.2.4 p7
NTP NTP 4.2.4 p6
NTP NTP 4.2.4 p5
NTP NTP 4.2.4 p4
NTP NTP 4.2.2 p4
NTP NTP 4.2.2 p1
NTP NTP 4.1.2
NTP NTP 4.3.77
NTP NTP 4.3.70
NTP NTP 4.2.8p6
NTP NTP 4.2.8p5
NTP NTP 4.2.8p4
NTP NTP 4.2.8p3
NTP NTP 4.2.8p2
NTP NTP 4.2.8p1
NTP NTP 4.2.7p366
NTP NTP 4.2.7p111
NTP NTP 4.2.7p11
NTP NTP 4.2.7
NTP NTP 4.2.5p3
NTP NTP 4.2.5p186
NTP NTP 4.2.0.a
IBM Vios 2.2.1 4
IBM Vios 2.2
IBM Vios
IBM Vios
IBM Vios
IBM Vios
IBM Vios
IBM Vios
IBM Vios
IBM Vios
IBM Lotus Protector for Mail Security 2.8 0
IBM Lotus Protector for Mail Security
IBM Flex System Manager 1.3.2 0
IBM Flex System Manager
IBM Aix 7.2
Cisco WAP371 wireless access point 0
Cisco Visual Quality Experience Tools Server 0
Cisco Visual Quality Experience Server 0
Cisco Virtual Security Gateway for Microsoft Hyper-V 0
Cisco Videoscape Control Suite 0
Cisco Video Distribution Suite for Internet Streaming (VDS-IS/CDS-IS) 0
Cisco Video Delivery System Recorder 0
Cisco Unity Express 0
Cisco Unified Computing System E-Series Blade Server 0
Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition (SME) 0
Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) 0
Cisco UCS Director 0
Cisco UCS Central 0
Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS) 0
Cisco TelePresence SX Series 0
Cisco TelePresence Profile Series 0
Cisco TelePresence MX Series 0
Cisco TelePresence ISDN Link 0
Cisco TelePresence Integrator C Series 0
Cisco TelePresence Exchange System (CTX) 0
Cisco TelePresence EX Series 0
Cisco TelePresence Conductor 0
Cisco Support Central 0
Cisco Standalone rack server CIMC 0
Cisco Small Business 500 Series Wireless Access Points 0
Cisco Small Business 321 Series Wireless Access Points 0
Cisco Small Business 121 Series Wireless Access Points 0
Cisco Show and Share 0
Cisco Sentinel 0
Cisco SCOS (Service Control Operating System) 0
Cisco Prime Service Catalog Virtual Appliance 0
Cisco Prime License Manager 0
Cisco Prime Infrastructure Standalone Plug and Play Gateway 0
Cisco Prime Infrastructure -
Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance 0
Cisco Prime Access Registrar Appliance 0
Cisco Prime Access Registrar 0
Cisco Physical Access Manager 0
Cisco OnePK All-in-One VM 0
Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches 0
Cisco Network Device Security Assessment 0
Cisco Network Analysis Module 0
Cisco NAC Server 0
Cisco NAC Guest Server 0
Cisco NAC Appliance (Clean Access Server) 0
Cisco MeetingPlace 0
Cisco MediaSense 0
Cisco Media Experience Engines (MXE) 0
Cisco Management Heartbeat Server 0
Cisco Jabber Guest 10.0(2)
Cisco Intrusion Prevention System Solutions (IPS) 0
Cisco IM and Presence Service (CUPS) 0
Cisco Identity Services Engine 0
Cisco Hosted Collaboration Mediation Fulfillment 0
Cisco Expressway series 0
Cisco Enterprise Content Delivery System (ECDS) 0
Cisco Emergency Responder 0
Cisco Edge 340 Digital Media Player 0
Cisco Edge 300 Digital Media Player 0
Cisco Digital Media Manager (DMM) 0
Cisco DCM Series 9900-Digital Content Manager 0
Cisco Content Security Appliance Updater Servers 0
Cisco Connected Grid Routers (CGR) 0
Cisco Common Services Platform Collector 0
Cisco Cloud Object Store (COS) 0
Cisco Cisco Clean Access Manager 0
Cisco Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller 0
Cisco ASA CX and Cisco Prime Security Manager 0
Cisco Access Registrar Appliance 0
Cisco 910 Industrial Router 0
Cisco 8800 Series IP Phones - VPN Feature 0
Not Vulnerable: NTP NTP 4.3.92
NTP NTP 4.2.8p7


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