thttpd defang Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

SuSE has released an advisory (SuSE-SA:2003:044) to address this issue in SuSE Linux platforms. Affected users are advised to apply fixes as soon as possible. Further information regarding obtaining and applying these fixes can be found in the referenced advisory.

Debian has released an advisory (DSA 396-1) that addresses this issue. Please see the attached advisory for details on obtaining and applying updates.

The vendor has released a new version (thttpd 2.24) to address this issue:

Acme thttpd 2.20 b

Acme thttpd 2.20 c

Acme thttpd 2.21

Acme thttpd 2.21 b

Acme thttpd 2.22

Acme thttpd 2.23 b1


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