Multiple Huawei Products CVE-2016-6670 Insecure Random Number Generation Vulnerability

Bugtraq ID: 92438
Class: Design Error
CVE: CVE-2016-6670
Remote: No
Local: Yes
Published: Aug 10 2016 12:00AM
Updated: Nov 24 2016 09:05AM
Credit: Nadia Heninger, Joshua Fried and Marcella Hastings from the University of Pennsylvania, Frank Gifford from
Vulnerable: Huawei S9700 V200R005C00
Huawei S9700 V200R003C00
Huawei S9300 V200R005C00
Huawei S9300 V200R003C00
Huawei S7700 V200R005C00
Huawei S7700 V200R003C00
Huawei S6700 V200R005C00
Huawei S6700 V200R003C00
Huawei S6300 V200R005C00
Huawei S6300 V200R003C00
Huawei S5700 V200R005C00
Huawei S5700 V200R003C00
Huawei S5300 V200R005C00
Huawei S5300 V200R003C00
Huawei S3700 V100R006C05
Huawei S3300 V100R006C05
Huawei S2700 V200R005C00
Huawei S2700 V200R003C00
Huawei S2700 V100R006C05
Huawei S2300 V200R005C00
Huawei S2300 V200R003C00
Huawei S2300 V100R006C05
Huawei S12700 V200R005C00
Not Vulnerable: Huawei S9700 V200R008C00SPC500
Huawei S9300 V200R008C00SPC500
Huawei S7700 V200R008C00SPC500
Huawei S6700 V200R005SPH012
Huawei S6700 V200R005C00SPC500
Huawei S6300 V200R005SPH012
Huawei S6300 V200R005C00SPC500
Huawei S5700 V200R005SPH012
Huawei S5700 V200R005C00SPC500
Huawei S5300 V200R005SPH012
Huawei S5300 V200R005C00SPC500
Huawei S3700 V100R006SPH028
Huawei S3300 V100R006SPH028
Huawei S2700 V200R005SPH012
Huawei S2700 V200R005C00SPC500
Huawei S2700 V100R006SPH028
Huawei S2300 V200R005SPH012
Huawei S2300 V200R005C00SPC500
Huawei S2300 V100R006SPH028
Huawei S12700 V200R008C00SPC500
Huawei S12700 V200R005C00SPC500


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