Multiple Vendor Virus Scanner Recycle Bin Exclusion Vulnerability

Remove '\Recycled' from the exclusion list of you antivirus software.
Each vendor has a different mechanism for editing the exclusion list.

NAI / McAffee:
There is an 'Exclusions' tab in the settings. From there you can delete the entry for the '\Recycled folder.

Symantec NAV2000:
There is no option in the interface to remove the Recycled folder from the exclusion list. To do this, you need to use a hex editor to remove the string from the 'exclude.dat' file. Max Vision has created an exclude.dat file with the Recycled folder removed, it is available at:

Note: This patch will reset all other exclusion settings to the default values. See Max Vision's bugtraq post (linked to in the 'credit' section) for more information.


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