Mozilla Browser Zombie Document Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

Mozilla has released a patch dealing with this issue. Customers are advised to contact the vendor for further details for obtaining the appropriate patch. Please see the reference section for more details.

SGI have released an advisory (20040402-01-U) and a patch to address this issue in SGI ProPack version 2.3 and 2.4. The vendor has advised that customers apply this patch as soon as possible. Further details regarding obtaining and applying an appropriate patch can be found in the referenced advisory. Patch is linked below.

Redhat has released advisory RHSA-2004:112-01 dealing with this issue. Please see the reference for more information.

RedHat has released an update to the previously released advisory RHSA-2004:110-19, RHSA-2004:110-20 is now available and deals with this issue for their Enterprise linux distribution. Please see the referenced advisory for more information and details on obtaining fixes.

HP has released advisory HPSBUX01036-SSRT4722 dealing with this and other issues; fixes have been provided.

SGI has released an advisory (20040506-01-U) with Patch 10075 for SGI
ProPack 3 to address this and other issues. Please see the referenced
advisory for more information.

The Fedora Legacy project has released advisory FLSA-2004:2089 along with fixes to address multiple issues in RedHat Fedora Core 1, and RedHat Linux 7.3 and 9.0. Please see the referenced advisory for further information.

Mozilla Browser 0.9.9

Mozilla Browser 1.2 Alpha

Mozilla Browser 1.2

Mozilla Browser 1.2 Beta

Mozilla Browser 1.2.1

Mozilla Browser 1.4 b

Mozilla Browser 1.4

Mozilla Browser 1.4 a

Mozilla Browser 1.4.1

Mozilla Browser 1.4.2

SGI ProPack 2.3

SGI ProPack 2.4

SGI ProPack 3.0


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