UUDeview MIME Archive Buffer Overrun Vulnerability

UUDeview has released an updated version to address this issue.

This issue has been addressed in WinZip 9.0. Users are strongly urged to upgrade.

Gentoo Linux have released an advisory (200403-05) and updates to address this issue. Gentoo users are advised to upgrade to UUDeview 0.5.20 by emerging the updated packages as follows:
# emerge sync
# emerge -pv ">=app-text/uudeview-0.5.20"
# emerge ">=app-text/uudeview-0.5.20"

OpenPKG have released a security advisory (OpenPKG-SA-2004.006) and fixes to address this issue. Please see referenced advisory for further details.

UUDeview UUDeview 0.5.18

UUDeview UUDeview 0.5.19

WinZip WinZip 7.0

WinZip WinZip 8.0

WinZip WinZip 8.1 SR-1

WinZip WinZip 8.1


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