Microsoft Windows autorun.inf Vulnerability

As a test, make an autorun.inf file in C:\ with the following contents:

If your system is vulnerable, 'opening' C: should result in notepad strating up. Also, if you right-click on C: you should the Autoplay option in the drop-down menu.

The following exploit has been provided by Nelson Brito <>:Step by Step:

1 - find a admin's mount point(a.k.a. home directory);
2 - place the autorun.inf and autorun2.exe on there;
3 - drop the admin's connection(use your prefered DoS tool);
4 - try to connect as user nelson and password nelson;
5 - BINDO, you are now a member of "Administrators" group(Stand Alone
Servers) or
"Domain Admins" gourp(PDC Servers).


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