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Going, Going, Gone!
Symantec Security Response, 2008-03-06

29A is a well known underground virus research group. It had many notorious members, such as Benny, VirusBuster, Super, ValleZ who were prominent in the virus-writing circles. This group published a virus magazine in order to spread the know how to create viruses. Up until now they have published seven full versions of the magazine on their Web site.

The content of the magazine discusses new technologies and techniques of use to virus and malware creators; in particular it also contains virus source code and tutorials on how to write viruses. 29A achieved many firsts in the virus world, such as the first 64 bit virus and other creations including W32.Peelf.2132, W2k.Stream, SymbOS.Cabir and WinCE.Duts.

Over the past few years, life has begun to drain for this group with a steady trickle of members leaving. At the beginning of 2007, GriYo, Vecna and Z0MBiE left the group. This pretty much sounded the death knell for the group. Our colleague Peter Ferrie had previously speculated about when this group might officially be disbanded. It looks like they have finally acknowledged it themselves now.

One of the last remaining members, VirusBuster, posted what looks to be the last message: "29A has left the building!" We would also like to add that hopefully these guys have also left the malware scene for good. But somehow, we feel this is probably not the last time we'll hear from this motley crew.

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