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Just what is this botnet called Kneber?
F-Secure, 2010-02-19

An Apple a Day
F-Secure, 2010-02-03
We were recently asked some questions about Mac security. Mikko's comments can be read at CNET.

Also in Apple news, iPhone/iPod touch OS 3.1.3 has been released and there are security fixes.

(Not that it's mentioned during the update.)

And speaking of iPhones, they're vulnerable to remote attack on SSL.

On 03/02/10 At 02:46 PM

Is the lack of iPad Flash support for security?
F-Secure, 2010-01-28
We've received some questions regarding Apple's iPad, and whether or not the lack of Adobe Flash support is for security reasons.

Loose Tweets Sink Fleets
F-Secure, 2010-01-27
Information leakage is a real problem.

Intelligence sector hit by a targeted attack
F-Secure, 2010-01-21
We just blogged about a highly targeted attack against military contractors. Now we saw one against the intelligence sector.

Targeted Attack using "Operation Aurora" as the lure
F-Secure, 2010-01-21
Now here's an interesting turn of events. In the middle of all the attention to the "Operation Aurora" attacks, we're now seeing new targeted attacks that are using this very event as the lure to get the targets to open a malicious attachment!

To IE or Not to IE : That is the Question
F-Secure, 2010-01-19
Internet Explorer's latest vulnerability is causing Germany and France to advise against its use.

On-going Targeted attacks against US Military contractors
F-Secure, 2010-01-18
F-Secure Labs has learned of another interesting targeted attack. In this case, malicious PDF files were emailed to US defense contractors. While the "Aurora" attacks against Google and others happened in December 2009, this happened just last week.

Facebook Privacy Doesn't Really Exist
F-Secure, 2010-01-14
Facebook recently rolled out new privacy settings that provides additional publishing controls. Absolute privacy on Facebook (and the Internet) is an illusion, it doesn't really exist. Relative privacy is the best that we can hope for.

Haiti Earthquake: Another Rogue Rides the News
F-Secure, 2010-01-14
A day after the disaster that struck the Carribean nation, Rogue perpetrators have been busy with their SEO poisoning schemes again. Googling for terms related to this earthquake leads to a website that installs a Rogue into the system.


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