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A Perfect Valentine’s Day
Symantec Security Response - By: Vivian Ho, 2010-02-12

Planning a romantic Valentine’s Day for your loved one? Is there is no end to all that you can do to add even more sparkle this dreamy day? Perhaps a bottle of wine, flowers, or a lovely gift to impress him/her—and if you aren’t with anyone, there are even dating services available that provide you with options to meet a date.

Cybercrime and the FIFA World Cup: 2010 Net Threat Website Launched
Symantec Security Response - By: Josh Talbot, 2010-02-10

I recall watching a Sandra Bullock film called “The Net” in the mid-nineties. It was about a software engineer, played by Bullock, who inadvertently became entangled in a Web of cyber espionage and eventually had to fight for her identity (and even her life) in a flood of harrowing situations.

Password-Protected Word Document In W32.Zimuse
Symantec Security Response - By: Liam O Murchu, 2010-02-02
While analyzing W32.Zimuse recently I was surprised to find two different passwords used within the threat: one of these decrypts a Word document that contains information about some members of a Slovakian motorbike forum.

Trojan.Hydraq – Typhoon In A Teacup
Symantec Security Response - By: Patrick Fitzgerald, 2010-01-29
If you have been following this series on Trojan.Hydraq over the last week you may have noticed that the blog entries have been well, boring.

Trojan.Hydraq's Backdoor Capabilities
Symantec Security Response - By: Patrick Fitzgerald, 2010-01-28
At this stage we’ve looked at several features of Hydraq, including its obfuscation techniques and how it remains on an infected system. So, what control does the attacker have over a compromised system?

iPad SEO Poisoning Leads To Rogue Security Software
Symantec Security Response - By: Joji Hamada, 2010-01-28
Yesterday we saw SEO poisoning attacks when searching for keywords such as "Apple Tablet". Now, after the product announcement has been made, we are seeing the same attack with the actual name of the product included in the search term.

How Trojan.Hydraq Stays On Your Computer
Symantec Security Response - By: Patrick Fitzgerald, 2010-01-26
Yesterday’s blog spoke about the obfuscation techniques employed by Trojan.Hydraq.  As it turns out these techniques are not new, had been used by various malware in the past, and are not too tricky to get around.

Seeing Past Trojan.Hydraq’s Obfuscation
Symantec Security Response - By: Patrick Fitzgerald, 2010-01-25
While Trojan.Hydraq has been described as sophisticated, the methods used to obfuscate the code are relatively straight forward to deobfuscate. 

The Trojan.Hydraq Incident: Analysis of the Aurora 0-Day Exploit
Symantec Security Response - By: Andrea Lelli, 2010-01-22
You probably have heard the recent news [1] [2] [3] [4] about a widespread attack that was carried out using a 0-Day exploit for Internet Explorer as one of the vectors.

The Hydraq VNC Connection
Symantec Security Response - By: Peter Coogan, 2010-01-21
In our last Trojan.Hydraq (Aurora) blog, The Trojan.Hydraq Incident, we mentioned that one of the components of this Trojan is based on VNC code and has the ability to allow an attacker to control and stream a live video feed of a compromised computer.


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