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Microsoft to give investigators free COFEE
Published: 2009-10-15

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that the company is working with the National White Collar Crime Center to distribute the Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor, or COFEE, to U.S. law enforcement agencies at no charge.

The USB device allows officers that arrive at a crime scene to collect digital evidence with little training. By merely inserting the device into a computer, the tool will collect volatile information from the computer's memory, according to Microsoft. In April, the company came to an agreement to distribute the device through INTERPOL to international law enforcement agencies.

"Criminals are working in a new digital age, and it is essential that law enforcement agencies have the latest tools and technology to help them fight the cyberthreats facing the global community," Tim Cranton, associate general counsel of Microsoft's Worldwide Internet Safety Enforcement Programs, said in a statement.

COFEE is a technology that is currently being jointly developed by INTERPOL, Florida State University and University College at Dublin. The device allows investigators to collect volatile information, such as active process information and network data, that might otherwise be lost, if the target computer was shut down, Microsoft said.

The company announced the initiative as part of its Digital Crimes Consortium, a conference aimed at airing current issues in cybercrimes and online investigations.

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Posted by: Robert Lemos
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