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UltraDNS suffers attack, Amazon affected
Published: 2009-12-28

Domain-name service (DNS) provider UltraDNS was targeted with a denial-of-service attack two days before Christmas, leaving some last-minute shoppers reportedly unable to connect to major retailers such as Amazon and Wal-Mart for a brief period.

Around 4:45 pm PT, UltraDNS noticed "an abnormal spike in queries," which it identified as a denial-of-service (DoS) attack, Allen Goldberg, vice president of corporate communications at Neustar -- UltraDNS's parent company -- said in a statement. The attack only affected Web surfers in the Northern California area and lasted less than an hour, the company stated.

"We analyzed the patterns and were able to place mitigation measures in place within minutes of identifying the attack," Neustar said in the statement sent to SecurityFocus. "We had everything under control well under an hour."

The attack caused connectivity issues with Amazon and its Web services, according to media reports.

The attack is the second in as many weeks that targeted a critical piece of the Internet's infrastructure, the domain name system (DNS). The week before Christmas, Twitter suffered an outage after an attacker with access to the company's DNS account changed its settings, rerouting visitors to a defacement page.

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Posted by: Robert Lemos
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