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Windows patch + ACL = Trouble
Published: 2005-10-17

A patch released by Microsoft Tuesday to fix vulnerabilities in the MSDTC (Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator) is creating some trouble of its own.

Once applied, the patch can create a range of problems including locking users out, preventing the Windows firewall from starting and emptying the network connections folder among other things.

The problems occur only when the ACL (Access Control List) settings have been changed from the defaults, and despite the problems, Microsoft recommends applying the patch. "We continue to urge customers to deploy MS05-051 and all recent security updates," the software giant said in a security advisory.

For those affected by the problems, a five-step process is listed on the Microsoft support page to restore default ACL settings.

Posted by: Peter Laborge
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Windows patch + ACL = Trouble 2005-10-17
Windows patch + ACL = Trouble 2005-10-19


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