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U.S. officials investigate Sourcefire purchase
Published: 2006-03-02

The Associated Press is reporting that Check Point is facing a full-blown investigation over its plans to purchase open-source rival Sourcefire, makers of the widely popular Snort intrusion detection system.

Officials from the FBI and the U.S. Defense Department have objected to foreign ownership of SourceFire, partly over concerns relating to Snort which guards some U.S. military and intelligence computers. Check Point indicated in a press release on February 13 that the Sourcefire deal is currently under investigation by the Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS) in the U.S. - the same organization that recently approved a $6.8B Dubai ports deal to manage U.S. ports. Additionally, recent analyst reports issued by investment house Morgan Stanley on February 21 and 27 indicate signficiant skepticism on whether the Sourcefire acquisition will actually happen, pegging the odds at 50/50 for approval.

In a recent inteview, Marty Roesch, founder and chief technology officer of Sourcefire, was only able to indicate "no comment" when asked about the regulatory approval process that is delaying the acquisition. Check Point, Sourcefire, and U.S. government officials have not yet made other public announcements on this issue.

Posted by: Kelly Martin
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