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U.S. remains spam king, China close second
Published: 2006-04-24

The latest spam report from Sophos shows that the U.S. remains the spam capital of the world, but China is now a close second.

The report on the so-called dirty dozen of the world's worst spammers shows the U.S. is still in the top spot, sending 23.1% of all spam from January to March 2006. However this is a dramatic reduction from two years ago, when the U.S. sent out over 50% of all spam. China reigns in a close second, sending 21.9% of all spam. Ultra high bandwidth South Korea comes in a distant third, followed by various European countries.

When countries are combined into regions, Asia takes the lead in sending 42.8% of all spam, followed by North America with 25.6%, and Europe with 25.0%.

The reduction in outgoing spam from the U.S. is largely attibuted to work by ISPs and the infamous CAN-SPAM act. Spam has traditionally originated from large ISPs, however spammers are increasingly using compromised systems in the form of botnets to send out unwanted email. Spam is also frequently used to send out phishing scams and other various types of illegal activity.

Posted by: Kelly Martin
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