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Microsoft loses SSL lead to Apache
Published: 2006-04-28

After a steady decline in Microsoft secure Web server marketshare since 2003, Apache has now become the leading developer of SSL servers on the Internet.

The report, released by Netcraft, shows that the Apache group now has 44.0% marketshare for secure Web servers on the Internet, beating Microsoft with 43.8% for the very first time. The anouncement by Netcraft yesterday suggests Apache's slow-but-steady growth in SSL servers is attributed to mod_ssl now being included in Apache 2 versions. The report on Apache marketshare includes Apache, Tomcat, and Apache-SSL, but does not include other derivative works such as Stronghold or the IBM HTTP server.

For more than ten years Apache has held the top position for standard webservers as well, with 62.72% of the market today compared to Microsoft's 25.99%.

Posted by: Kelly Martin
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