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VoIP security threats defined
Published: 2005-10-25

On the same day new Skype threats are announced, the VoIP Security Alliance (VoIPSA) delivers its first document with a laundry list of security threats (PDF).

The document, which defines security threats facing VoIP deployments, raises awareness on a technology that is becoming more and more mainstream. While threats such as caller ID spoofing, denial-of-service attacks and eavesdropping attacks have been known for some time, the VoIPSA public report identifies many additional areas where VoIP technology remains vulnerable.

The report comes amid a changing landscape, as traditional phone companies in Europe and the Middle East consider blocking VoIP calls on their networks, and in August the U.S. Federal Communications Commission announced that ISPs and VoIP providers in the U.S. must soon prepare to accomodate wiretap requests (PDF) for law enforcement officials.

Posted by: Kelly Martin
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