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More U.S. Navy data found on the web
Published: 2006-07-10

The U.S. Navy reported on Friday that more than 100,000 sailors' personal data was found on a website, the second major incident in several weeks.

The Associated Press reported the Navy's announcement, indicating that more than 1,100 discs were mailed out to naval commands containing personal information on over 100,000 personnel. The information was also made available on a public website.

The Navy has said that all affected personnel are being notified, however there is no indication of the stolen data on the Navy's official website at the time of this writing. The stolen data affects both active and reserve personnel as well as aviators who may have served with the Navy within the past twenty years.

The report follows a similar breach of U.S. Navy information on 28,000 sailors and their family members, reported several weeks ago. The U.S. government and military has been plagued with numerous security breaches over the past year, resulting in new recommendations mandating encryption and two-factor authentication standards for systems accessing sensitive data. It is not yet known how the Navy data was stolen.

Posted by: Kelly Martin
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