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Windows Vista limits security add-ons
Published: 2006-07-31

A security company published an analysis last week that claims the Kernel Patch Protection in Microsoft's next operating system, Windows Vista, makes it harder for third-party security products to compete with the company's own security offerings.

In a statement on security firm Agnitum's website, the company suggests that Microsoft's new kernel protection mechanisms, meant to thwart the rise of Windows based rootkits, actually does more harm than good. The company says that the new mechanisms make it more difficult for third-party security companies to offer their solutions for Windows installations, and further suggests that the approach is being used to limit competition between security vendors and Microsoft. Microsoft did not respond with a statement to SecurityFocus in time for this article.

In addition to bundling its own firewall solution in Windows, Microsoft has also started selling its own version of anti-virus and anti-spyware software in direct competition with security software giants Symantec, which owns SecurityFocus, and McAfee.

In the past, Microsoft has used its monopoly position, predatory pricing and business tactics to put smaller competitors out of business. The company has been the focus of numerous lawsuits in recent years. The software giant did not comment on the issue before publishing time.

Posted by: Kelly Martin
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Windows Vista limits security add-ons 2006-08-02
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