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DHS appoints top cybersecurity post
Published: 2006-09-19

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced on Monday that Gregory Garcia, a former technology-industry lobbyist, has become the first Assistant Secretary for Cyber Security and Telecommunications, a position that remained vacant for over a year.

The U.S. established the assistant secretary position in with the passage of the homeland security budget in June 2005, but the position has remained unfilled. Security professionals have criticized the inability of the DHS to fill the assistant secretary position as well as the director of the National Cyber Security Division, the No. 2 cybersecurity position in the department.

Garcia, the vice president for information security policy and programs at the Information Technology Association of America, was a former majority staff member of the House of Representatives' Science Committee.

"Greg brings the right mix of experience in government and the private sector to continue to strengthen our robust partnerships that are essential to this field," Michael Chertoff, Secretary for the DHS, said in a statement announcing the appointment.

While on the House Science Committee, Garcia had taken part in drafting and enacting Cyber Security Research and Development Act of 2002, the DHS said in its statement.

Posted by: Robert Lemos
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