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Microsoft releases Windows Vista security guide
Published: 2006-11-10

Microsoft published its Windows Vista Security Guide this week, aiming to help corporations lock down the security on desktops and laptops that run the operating system.

Windows Vista, which will ship to businesses on November 30 and to consumers in late January, is the software giant's first revamp of the desktop operating system since Windows XP shipped in 2001. Microsoft's security guide will provide two major configurations for enterprise customers: A standard set of security settings for clients and a Specialized Security-Limited Functionality (SSLF) feature set.

"The security recommendations in the Windows Vista Security Guide have been validated through extensive testing, and the GPO Accelerator tool that accompanies the guidance helps you automatically deploy the security settings in minutes instead of hours," Kelly Hengesteg, senior program manager for Microsoft's Security & Compliance Solutions, said in a statement on the company's Vista Security site.

Microsoft announced earlier this week that the company would train its partners in the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) used by internal developers to reduce vulnerabilities in its products.

However, not all of the software giant's security moves have pleased the industry. Several security companies (including Symantec, which owns SecurityFocus) have complained that Microsoft's kernel restrictions interfere with their products. Microsoft has promised to work with such vendors to develop a programming interface that their products can use, but critics worry that the changes will likely not be implemented until the first service pack for the new operating system.

The Windows Vista Security Guide can be found on Microsoft's site.

Posted by: Robert Lemos
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