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Fan allegedly hacks Linkin Park singer
Published: 2006-11-28

A fan of the music group Linkin Park appears to have hacked into the lead singer's mobile phone web account, stealing the phone bill, call records and digital photos taken using the phone.

Devon Townsend, 27, is accused of using a U.S. Department of Energy computer at a U.S. Air Force base to compromise Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington's PayPal and mobile phone accounts. A court filing suggests that Townsend then allegedly used the photos, phone records and financial details she obtained to harass and threaten the Linkin Park singer's wife (corrected).

CNN is reporting that investigators searched Townsend's home and found Linkin Park posters, autographed memorabilia and other fan material along with copies of stolen e-mails, phone records and photographs.

The explosive attack on the privacy of the band member reportedly came from Townsend, an obsessed fan inside Sandia National Laboratories - a U.S. national security establishment that ensures the safety of the U.S. nuclear weapons arsenal.

Townsend's lawyer is quoted as saying, "This is the Internet version of a groupie hiding in Mick Jagger's dressing room. We're in a different age, and fans have more skills than they used to."

CORRECTION: The news brief has been updated to reflect that the threats were made against the singer's wife, not the singer himself. In addition, the attorney mentioned at the end of the story was the lawyer for the alleged hacker.

Posted by: Kelly Martin
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