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Microsoft issues a dozen patches
Published: 2007-02-13

Microsoft has released a dozen patches for flaws in its software, including six critical flaws that can be exploited for full system compromise and six other patches labeled as "important." In all, the twelve patches fix 20 vulnerabilities in Microsoft software.

The February 2007 security bulletin describes patches covering a wide range of system files and applications, from Windows and Office components to Internet Explorer and Microsoft's own Malware Protection Engine, a technology found in numerous products which, ironically, itself faces a critical flaw that enables and attacker "to take complete control of an affected system." The critical label is the company's highest severity rating and is used each month to describe the most serious new vulnerabilities patched in Microsoft software.

Updates are available through the official Microsoft Update website or through the company's security landing page. All Microsoft users are encouraged to update their systems as soon as possible.

Posted by: Kelly Martin
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