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Pay up or lose out
Published: 2005-11-14

American consumers are fearful enough of online fraud that 40 percent are willing to pay fees for additional protection, according to a new survey by Unisys.

This is an increase from last year when just over a quarter of those surveyed would be willing to do the same. This trending is mirrored in the number of those fearing identity theft and fraud, with 73 percent of people now concerned that it may happen to them.

The survey was also performed in Europe, with the results being amazingly similar despite the more widespread use of two-factor banking over the US. Security concerns are not limited to banking either, as the Securities and Exchange Commission issued its first warning about online stock trading earlier this month.

These similarities highlight a global trend towards widespread awareness of online fraud and the desire to act on it. The question of who should pay for this change however, is still up for debate.

Posted by: Peter Laborge
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Pay up or lose out 2005-11-16


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