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Estonia gets respite from Web attacks
Published: 2007-05-18

Denial-of-service attacks on Web sites in the northern European country of Estonia have trailed off three weeks after civil unrest spurred partisan attackers to level massive data floods against government sites.

In an analysis of the last two weeks of attacks, a researcher for network security firm Arbor Networks identified at least 128 separate attacks on nine different Web sites in the country, including 35 attacks on the Web site of the Estonian Police, another 35 attacks on the Web site of the Ministry of Finance, and 36 attacks on the Estonian parliament's, prime minister's, and general government Web sites. Some of the attacks lasted more than 10 hours and topped 95Mbps.

"All in all, someone is very, very deliberate in putting the hurt on Estonia, and this kind of thing is only going to get more severe in the coming years," Jose Nazario, senior security researcher for Arbor Networks, said in the blog post.

The attacks began on April 28, following violent clashes between the Estonian police and ethnic Russians in the country over the removal of a Red Army monument that symbolizes the defeat of Nazi Germany by the Soviet Union during World War II, but is also a reminder to Estonians of the more than four decades that the Soviets occupied the nation. The Soviet Union occupied the country in 1940, but lost the territory the next year to the advancing German army, only to reclaim the country when the German retreated in 1944.

The attacks on Estonian Web sites peaked on May 9, the day celebrated as Victory Day in the Soviet Union, with 58 attack recorded by Arbor Networks. On May 7, Estonian authorities arrested a 19-year-old student on charges of taking part in the attacks.

Posted by: Robert Lemos
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