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Flaw hunters go off on Safari
Published: 2007-06-12

Less than a day after Apple released a beta version of its Safari Web browser for Windows, three vulnerability researchers have already found a handful of bugs, many which appear to work against the currently shipping version of the browser for Mac OS X.

Security researcher David Maynor, infamous for his row with Apple over three wireless flaws he presented at the Black Hat Security Briefings in 2006, claims to have found six vulnerabilities in Safari. Four of the vulnerabilities are simple denial-of-service bugs that crash the browser, but two of the flaws allow remote execution, he said in a post to his company's blog.

"I can't speak for anybody else but the bugs found in the beta copy of Safari on Windows work on the production copy on OS X as well -- same code base for a lot of stuff," Maynor, the chief technology officer for Errata Security, wrote in his blog posting. "The exploit is robust mostly thanks to the lack of any kind of advanced security features in OS X."

Two other researchers have found bugs as well. Thor Larholm, a well-known Danish security researcher, claims to have discovered another remotely exploitable flaw, while Israeli researcher Aviv Raff described a memory corruption that may be exploitable.

Security researchers have often criticized Apple's marketing claims of having a super secure operating system, pointing out that there are plenty of vulnerabilities to find in Mac OS X. In April, a previously unknown vulnerability in QuickTime allowed a pair of researchers to win the Pwn to Own contest at CanSecWest. And, one flaw finder dedicated an entire month to revealing bugs on a daily basis in Apple's operating system and applications.

Because of his history with Apple, Maynor did not reveal details of the vulnerabilities to the Mac maker.

Posted by: Robert Lemos
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Flaw hunters go off on Safari 2007-06-13
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