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Sourcefire acquires ClamAV
Published: 2007-08-17

Sourcefire, a maker of intrusion detection products, announced on Friday that the company had acquired the intellectual property and copyrights to the open-source antivirus project, ClamAV, from five key developers.

Under the terms of the agreement with ClamAV founder Tomasz Kojm and four other members of the project, Sourcefire acquired the rights and trademarks to the project, the five developers' copyrights and all Web content. Sourcefire, which already owns rights to the open-source Snort intrusion detection system created by company founder Martin Roesch, said it will maintain ClamAV much in the same way as it has done with Snort.

"Sourcefire pioneered the business of balancing commercial solutions with open source innovation, and we intend to apply those same Snort sensibilities to the ClamAV project," Roesch said in a statement.

The Sourcefire purchase may raise hackles among users of the ClamAV systems, especially companies that incorporate the antivirus engine in their products. In 2005, Tenable Security closed the source to its previously open-source Nessus vulnerability scanner, angering some users. However, Sourcefire has kept Snort open-source, using a more full-featured version in its own products.

Details of the transaction are not being disclosed, but Sourcefire expects to take a one-time charge of between $0.09 and $0.12 per share for the immediate write-off of in-process research and development to pay for the transaction.

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Posted by: Robert Lemos
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Sourcefire acquires ClamAV 2007-08-17
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