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China claims hackers stole its secrets too
Published: 2007-09-13

As the list of nations claiming they were targeted by Internet attacks emanating from China continues to grow, the world's most populous country has turned the mirror back on other governments.

In statements made in the Chinese Cadres Tribune, Vice Minister of Information Industry Lou Qinjian claimed that the United States and other "hostile" governments were attacking China's infrastructure, according to a news report carried by wire service Reuters. Lou recommended a collection of new measures to combat the attacks, including "toughened censorship, new security bodies and commercial controls," stated Reuters.

"The Internet has become the main technological channel for external espionage activities against our core, vital departments," Lou wrote, according to the wire service. "In recent years Party, government and military organs and national defense scientific research units have had many major cases of loss, theft and leakage of secrets, and the damage to national interests has been massive and shocking."

The accusations follow numerous reports of Internet attacks from China targeting sensitive government and corporate computers. Many government sources, including German and U.S. military officials, have claimed the attacks can be traced back to the Chinese military, the People's Liberation Army (PLA). U.S. President George W. Bush signaled last week that he may bring up the issue with the Chinese government.

Over the last six months, U.S. lawmakers have grilled federal information-systems security managers on the apparent poor security of government computers.

In addition to the Vice Minister's claims of hostile attacks on China, Lou also leveled charges at U.S. companies, claiming that the Internet products exported by American corporations had "back doors planted to engage in technological infiltration and theft of secrets," according to the Reuters report. Lou called on Chinese companies to purchase more information technology made in China, the report stated.

A nod to "hackthegov" for pointing out the Reuters article.

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Posted by: Robert Lemos
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China claims hackers stole its secrets too 2007-09-16


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