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The color of trust
Published: 2005-11-24

Mozilla, Microsoft and Opera developers met last week in Toronto to decide on a standard method of conveying website trustworthiness to web surfers.

The talks are being held with the intent of allowing average users to distinguish between a trustworthy site that has undergone thorough background checks and a personal page that may have popped up overnight. Having this information available should be instrumental in reducing the number of successful phishing attacks.

The upcoming Internet Explorer 7 will use coloring of the address bar to offer feedback to users - It will display red if the site is a known phishing site, or green if the site is secure. The security certificates will also be displayed inline, for verification at a glance. Opera has also included phishing deterrents in recent versions, in the form of a toolbar.

This isn’t the first time the heavyweights of the browser arena have worked together - last year the three met to establish a common standard for browser plug-ins and to support a W3C proposal.

Posted by: Peter Laborge
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