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Retailers not pulling Sony BMG discs
Published: 2005-11-30

The New York Attorney General's office has started scrutinizing media giant Sony BMG for its sale of music discs containing controversial copy protection software.

Members of that office found that many retailers in New York continue to sell the Sony BMG music discs, even after security experts complaints about vulnerabilities in the software led the music giant to recall 52 titles, representing about 2.6 million unsold discs. Sony BMG has come under fire by consumers, security researchers and attorneys for its copy protection, which automatically installs itself on Windows computers after users agree to a typical end-user license.

"It is unacceptable that more than three weeks after this serious vulnerability was revealed, these same CDs are still on shelves, during the busiest shopping days of the year," said Attorney General Spitzer in a statement provided to SecurityFocus. "I strongly urge all retailers to heed the warnings issued about these products, pull them from distribution immediately, and ship them back to Sony."

The public comments by New York's Attorney General come one week after the Attorney General of Texas filed a lawsuit against Sony BMG. The Attorney General's tactics were first reported in BusinessWeek.

Posted by: Robert Lemos
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Retailers not pulling Sony BMG discs 2005-12-01
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