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Apple, Adobe patch application flaws
Published: 2008-02-07

Digital-media software maker Adobe quietly fixed a security flaw in its Adobe Reader this week, while Apple patched security problems in both its popular QuickTime media player and iPhoto digital-image library application.

The flaw in Adobe's Acrobat Reader affects the popular application on all platforms -- including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X -- and could allow an attacker the ability to run malicious code on the victim's computer, the company said in an advisory on Tuesday. Adobe Acrobat Reader users should upgrade their software to version 8.1.2.

Apple patched a vulnerability in its QuickTime media player on Wednesday, upgrading the software to version 7.4.1. The heap buffer overflow affects all versions of the player on Windows XP, Window Vista and Mac OS X, according to an advisory posted to Apple's Web site.

The consumer technology company also fixed on Tuesday a security issue in iPhoto, its digital picture management software for the Mac OS X. The vulnerability could allow an attacker to run malicious code on a victim's systems, if the person subscribed to the attacker's photocast.

Users of Adobe Acrobat can download the update by using the "Check for Update..." option under the Help menu. Mac users can download the software fixes through the "Software Update..." option in the Apple menu. Windows users can download the latest version of QuickTime from Apple's Download site.

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Posted by: Robert Lemos
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