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[VPN] Cisco VPN before NAT 2007-03-13
VPN user (list vpn shmoo centerpoint be)

I have the following problem, and can't seem to find a solution.

I have 2 Cisco routers, A and B with a VPN connection. Both routers
have a serial interface pointing to external and an ethernet interface
(Lets call them A and B) pointing to the inside.

Traffic between subnet A and B is NO

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[VPN] (L2TP) username format for network connection. 2007-03-07
G.Anushya (togmajay yahoo co in)

After configuring the network connection for vpn in windows xp, the username accepts any format (includes special symbols, numeric and char). But, the connection is not established for some username formats even the configuration details are correct. Anybody plz help me to find whether

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[VPN] Linux as a L2TP client 2007-03-07
Anushya (anushya gsecone com)

My windows xp is acting as a L2TP server whereas i want to configure a linux
as a L2TP client. How to configure? Any tutorials or links please.

When you can't fly Try to Run
When you cant't r

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[VPN] Recent list postings 2007-02-26
tbird precision-guesswork com
Hi all --

I've been dealing with a family emergency for several days, and have
just cleared out
hundreds of spam from the moderating queue. It's quite likely that
I've unintentionally
deleted real messages. Please accept my apologies.

If you've posted any messages to the list in the last week

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[VPN] Internet access through vpn (gateway-to-gateway) 2007-01-23
George Jammal (kalantis gmail com) (1 replies)
Hello everyone,

I have 2 offices each with its own router (Netgear FVS318v3) and
internet access with a different ISP. I'm trying to get computers in
office1 to access the internet (at least http) through the router in
office2. In other words, if a computer in office1 attempts to go to a

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[VPN] Re: Internet access through vpn (gateway-to-gateway) 2007-01-23
Todd M. Simons (tsimons delphi-tech com)
[VPN] VPN Client warning 2007-01-15
younes aoufi (aoufiyounes yahoo fr) (1 replies)
Hi all,

I am spirit to deploy a solution of a safety transfer
of the data between a remote station and servers
located in the seat of my company.

I chose for that the Cisco product: 2 concentrators
3000 (main and backup), and I installed Cisco VPN
Client 4.6 in the remote stations.

I configured

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[VPN] Re: VPN Client warning 2007-01-15
Clancey McNeal (clancey mcneal sjrb ca) (1 replies)
[VPN] SSL VPN Timeouts 2007-01-16
Clancey McNeal (clancey mcneal sjrb ca)
[VPN] PIX Through RSA 2007-01-10
Anupam Gaur (AnupamG microland net)
Dear All

We are using PIX 515E (ver 6.3)
In Checkpoint We have option for desktop security which restricts Outside
VPN users to access everything inside the Network

But in PIX can we enable any Autherization for External VPN Users
authenticated through RSA

Please Advice
My RSA Vendor has given

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[VPN] IPsec and SSL VPN 2007-01-08
Younyim Park (younyim park gmail com)
Hi all,
I have a quick question.
Is it possible to implement technically both IPsec and SSL VPN in a same
I mean to use IPsec and SSL VPN at the same time. I didn't ever heard about
it though.

Thanks in advance.
Hi all,<br>I have a quick question.<br>Is it possible to implement techni

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[VPN] List vacation 2006-12-28
Tina Bird (tbird precision-guesswork com)

Hi all --

I've just returned from my winter holidays, and cleared out huge quantities
of spam from the moderation queue. I tried to check everything with a
plausible subject line (using an apparently excessively generous definition
of "plausible"), but it's possible that I deleted some leg

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[VPN] Re: Cisco Router IOS to Symantec Raptor 2006-12-13
Todd M. Simons (tsimons delphi-tech com)
<I'm a Symantec person>

The negotiation a problem with PIX v5.2 thru v6.3, I'm not sure how that
maps to router IOS versions. One way around this is to set the Symantec
side timeouts higher than the Cisco side, and have a persistent PING
going from a host behind the PIX (yes, I spent way too much

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[VPN] Cisco Router IOS to Symantec Raptor 2006-12-12
Nate Goddard (ngoddard nconnect net)
I have been unable to reach the list site to look for any archives
on this question, so I?ll through it out there. I?m trying to setup a IPSec
VPN tunnel from a Cisco Router (on which I have several hundred successful
site-to-site tunnels) running IOS 12.4(7) to a Symantec Raptor.

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[VPN] Monitoring non-GRE tunnel VPNs 2006-11-18
Joseph Jenkins (maillist breathe-underwater com) (1 replies)
I have spent the last week trying to figure if it is possible to
monitor non-GRE tunnel vpns with SNMP or any type of network
monitoring package. Here is the scenario that I currently I have one
Cisco Router at my location that I have several external Vendors
connect to. Some of these vend

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[VPN] Re: Monitoring non-GRE tunnel VPNs 2006-12-22
Patrick (prueconsulting gmail com)
[VPN] LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests 2006-11-17
Ian Vellosa (vellosa btopenworld com)

I am working through chapter 3 of the 'Building Linux Virtual Private
Networks' Book, 'Building a VPN with SSH and PPP' and have problems
with the remote connection to my server.

As I followed the steps I have managed to get a ssh connection
running as the vpn user and connection without the

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Jacobs, Ron (ron jacobs twcable com)
I am unable to access the link


Is there another link?

Thank you.


Ronald T. Jacobs, PMP, CCNP

Senior Systems Engineer, IT Department

Time Warner Cable - Raleigh Division

101 Innovation Av., Suite 100

Morrisville, NC

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[VPN] Re: VPN design and issues. 2006-10-11
Meidinger Chris (chris meidinger badenIT de) (1 replies)
Hello Virendra,

Sure, I can tell you 'regarding "Topology overlay design for
multiarea/multidomain VPN"'.

The traffic engineering considerations are considerable. You will
probably need a router as well as other things possibly including a


> -----Original Message-----
> From: vpn-bo

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[VPN] Re: VPN design and issues. 2006-10-11
Siddhartha Jain (losttoy2000 yahoo co uk) (1 replies)
[VPN] Re: VPN design and issues. 2006-10-12
Meidinger Chris (chris meidinger badenIT de)
[VPN] VPN design and issues. 2006-10-11
Virendra Yelurkar (vnyelurkar gmail com)
Dear members,

Would anyone please tell me regarding "Topology overlay design for
multiarea/multidomain VPN". Also what are the traffic engineering
for this?

Waiting for early reply.




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[VPN] Split DNS problem with Easy VPN 2006-10-04
Rudi Pierquin (pierudi yahoo fr)
Hi all,

I was wandering if anybody ever tried this:

I am trying to connect a Cisco 871 router to a VPN3000
concentrator through Easy VPN using the router in
client mode and the VPN3000 as the Easy VPN server.

To allow more granularity, I want to use a virtual
interface associated with the Easy VP

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[VPN] Re: concentrator cisco 2006-09-28
Meidinger Chris (chris meidinger badenIT de)
I would try exporting your config, switching to your backup
concentrator, installing the newest firmware from cisco and

If that doesn't work, vpn3000's make great paperweights.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Cesar Martinez [mailto:mtzcesar (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]]
> Sent: Wednesday

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[VPN] Re: concentrator cisco 2006-09-27
Meidinger Chris (chris meidinger badenIT de)
It's broken.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: vpn-bounces+chris.meidinger=badenit.de (at) lists.shmoo (dot) com [email concealed]
> [mailto:vpn-bounces+chris.meidinger=badenit.de (at) lists.shmoo (dot) com [email concealed]
> ] On Behalf Of Cesar Martinez
> Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2006 8:46 PM
> To: vpn (at) lists.shmoo (dot) com [email concealed]
> Subject: [VPN] c

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[VPN] concentrator cisco 2006-09-26
Cesar Martinez (mtzcesar gmail com)
I have this equipment
*VPN Concentrator Type:* 3005
*Serial Number:*CAM01371509
*Bootcode Rev:* Cisco Systems, Inc./VPN 3000 Concentrator Series Version
2.5.Rel Jun 21 2000 18:57:52
*Software Rev:* Cisco Systems, Inc./VPN 3000 Concentrator Version
4.0.4.ADec 10 2003 19:32:50

and I need to change th

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[VPN] Force VPN traffic 2006-09-18
Aaron none (aaronfmd yahoo com) (1 replies)
I am a home user trying to route all of my traffic thru my work proxy.
I use IPSEC VPN and connect without any problems to work. While I'm
connected, everything works fine and all of my traffic (Not just port
80 or http, it includes pop, games, etc.) goes thru the work proxy.
The problem is whe

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[VPN] Re: Force VPN traffic 2006-09-18
Meidinger Chris (chris meidinger badenIT de)
[VPN] Routing and Signaling protocol considerations in IPSec VPN. 2006-09-06
Virendra Yelurkar (vnyelurkar gmail com)
Dear members,

I am doing deployment study for one of our IPSec VPN product.
Am I suppose to study "Routing and Signaling protocol considerations in
IPSec VPN" ?
If yes, then, is anybody having more information regarding this?
Waiting for early response.


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[VPN] Re: fw1 site to site vpn subnet conflict 2006-09-05
Joseph S D Yao (jsdy center osis gov)
If you dual-proxy with two firewalls, you can use DNS internally to each
network but not resolve each other's IP addresses.

you - fw#1 ----------- fw#2 - them
IP address network
unused on either side

To elaborate:

Say, you are using all 10.0's, 10.1's, 10.2's, and 10.3's, and they are
using 10

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