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Remote exploit for CA brightstor tapeeng (win2k SP4) 2007-01-05
WINNY THOMAS (winnymthomas yahoo com)
Hi there,
I have attached an exploit for CA brighstor
arcserve tapeeng RPC service stack overflow (BID
21221). This was tested on windows 2000 server SP4.
Binds shell to TCP port 4443.


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.Net Debug 2007-01-04
Deb ug com (1 replies)
Hello ,

How do you debug a .Net app ?

What tools do i have to use ?


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Re: .Net Debug 2007-01-06
ed (edvuln s5h net)
Black Hat New Years Updates (Free Stuff, too!) 2007-01-02
Jeff Moss (jmoss blackhat com)
Hello Vuln Dev readers,

Here are some announcements from Black Hat to keep you busy in the new year!

- The Call for Papers and conference registration is now open for the Black Hat DC Training and Briefings.
- The Call for Papers and conference registration for Black Hat Europe in open.
- Registra

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SEH overwrite technique 2007-01-01
csaba barta gmail com
Hi list!

I wank get to know with SEH exploitation on windows platform.

Can anyone recommend me some good reading material?

Thank you!


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[NGSEC] ngGame #3 - BrainStorming 2006-12-31
labs@NGSEC (labs ngsec com)
Hash: SHA1

NGSEC is proud to announce its third security game:

"NGSEC's Security Game #3 - BrainStorming"

About NGSEC Games:
- ------------------

NGSEC's games are a set of security challenges useful for anyone
interested in security or hacking. At the Games

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Re: Debugger 2006-12-27
Mike Sues (msues rigelksecurity com) (1 replies)

Try OllyDbg,

Mike Sues, GCIH
CEO & Ethical Hack Specialist
Rigel Kent Security & Advisory Services Inc
ph :613.233.HACK
fax :613.233.1788

On Dec 26, T (at) you (dot) c [email concealed]

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Re: Debugger 2006-12-27
Kenneth W Williams (ken kwilliams org) (2 replies)
Re: Debugger 2006-12-28
Nicolas RUFF (nicolas ruff gmail com)
Re: Debugger 2006-12-28
crazy frog crazy frog (i m crazy frog gmail com)
Debugger 2006-12-26
T you com (2 replies)
Hi ,

I have used NuMega SoftIce debugger , but they have stopped to develop it.

Does anyone know a debugger similar to SoftIce ?


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Re: Debugger 2007-01-03
Dude VanWinkle (dudevanwinkle gmail com)
Re: Debugger 2006-12-30
frank boldewin gmx de (1 replies)
Re: Debugger 2006-12-31
shadown (shadown gmail com) (1 replies)
Re: Debugger 2007-01-04
Kashif Iftikhar (a10n3 s7r1k3r gmail com)
SNMP MS06-074 2006-12-22
eyedea justice com
Has anyone worked with this vuln? I'm trying to develop a PoC for it but I'm having a bit of trouble.

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SinFP 2.06, now works under big-endian architectures 2006-12-21
GomoR (vd gomor org)

SinFP is a new approach to OS fingerprinting, which bypasses
limitations that nmap has. More info: .

SinFP has now 140 signatures.

You can download it via CPAN, or via SourceForge:

Also, two benchmarks versus Nmap have bee

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CanSecWest 2007 (April 18-20) Call For Papers (Deadline January 7th) 2006-12-14
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)

VANCOUVER, Canada -- The eighth annual CanSecWest applied technical security
conference - where the eminent figures in the international security industry
will get together share best practices and technology - will be held in
downtown Vancouver at the the Mariott

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Meteor FTP PoC for WinXP 2006-12-07
security vigilon com
we released a tool that try to create the known buffer overflow for Meteor FTP,
the only difference between this tool and the other PoC is that this tool is for running on Windows systems.
it will try connect to the FTP and triger buffer overflow in the User field.

can be donwloaded from:

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kernel bug in 2006-11-23
Andreas Baetz (andreas baetz herma de)
This one resembles the one that I reported earlier, is there something wrong with my configuration ?

host:/tmp# uname -a
Linux host #1 PREEMPT Thu Nov 23 15:27:48 CET 2006 i686 GNU/Linux

host:/tmp# bash -v
Linux-VServer Test [V0.16] Copyright (C) 2003-2006

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Re: Win-based FTP server stack overflow, /GS, safeSEH? 2006-11-19
warl0ck metaeye org
/GS flag is on by default on. There are other
methods to bypass this, and software enforced DEP.
take a look at this article by the nologin guys.

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Win-based FTP server stack overflow, /GS, safeSEH? 2006-11-19
drunken_chin yahoo com

Despite their decreasing presence, and my critical lack of experience, I am trying to learn more about typical C and C++ memory corruption techniques and have found an apparent pre-auth stack overflow in an obscure FTP server. The app appears to be compiled with a recent version of Visual Studio, e

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SinFP 2.04 release, works under Windows 2006-11-05
GomoR (vd gomor org)

I'm pleased to announce the availability of SinFP 2.04, which now can
run under Windows ActivePerl.

SinFP is a new approach to active and passive OS fingerprinting, you can
know more about its features here:

SinFP has now more than 130 signatures in its database.

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EUSecWest/London CFP extended to Nov. 7 2006-11-03
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)
Hi folks, some brief news:

Some people have asked for late submissions to the EUSecWest
paper selections. In the interest of fairness, we are extending the
deadline for all until next Tuesday (November 7), at which time
the submissions will be reviewed. Details of submissions can
be found on the h

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RE: IE7 SELECT Tag 2006-11-02
dan ross picbusiness com
Makes sense. I have confirmed this still has the problem:

<B>Please choose one version 2:</B>  
<SELECT onchange=alert('hi') size=1 name=favorite>
<OPTION value=""></option>
<OPTION value=1>Apple</option>
<OPTION value=2>Banana</option>
<OPTION value=3 selected>Cashew</option>

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