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Platform: Python

Added 2006-08-17
by Juan M. Bello Rivas
halberd discovers HTTP load balancers. It is useful for testing load balancer configurations and for web application auditing purposes.

Added 2006-05-17
by neuroFuzz
A web services (currently SOAP) pen testing fuzzer. It works off a combination of static attack data as well as dynamic intelligently generated attack vectors. Some of its features are IDS Evasion and some automated WSDL discovery.

darc - Distributed Aide Runtime Controller
Added 2006-04-24
by Jacob Martinson
darc is a multi-threaded Python application designed for managing AIDE installations in large heterogeneous networks. It provides centralized database management, unified reporting, and eliminates the need to maintain Aide databases and binaries on read-only media.

Added 2006-04-06
by Fabrice MOURRON
Tool written in Python that is designed to enumerate virtual hosts for a given IP address with very less false positive.

Free Random WEP/WPA-PSK online generator tool
Added 2005-10-19
by D'Amato Luigi
Create and customize random WEP/WPA-PSK Key with this online tool.

Themis Security Scanner
Added 2005-08-09
by baba
Themis is an advanced Network Scanner that capable scanning hosts for different vulnerabilities and produce a detailed report regarding the security problems the host might have.

Added 2005-07-31
by Jose Antonio Coret
Kojoney is a low level interaction honeypot that emulates an SSH server. The daemon is written in Python using the Twisted Conch libraries. Reporting tools are distributed with the daemon.

Web Audit Library (WAL)
Added 2004-08-11
by Roses Labs Innovations (RL+I)
Web Audit Library (Wal) is a python module that provides a powerful and easy API for writing web applications assessment tools, similar to what Libwhisker does for Perl. Wal comes from the need of such a library for python. Writing web security tools using Wal is very straightforward. Wal provides the following features send/receive/analyze HTTP 0.9/1.0/1.1, HTML parser, cookie support, anti-IDS, decoders/encoders and much more... Needs python 2.3 or later.

Login Anomaly Detection System
Added 2003-12-10
by Fred
The Login Anomaly Detection System (LADS) detects anomalies in logins and logouts and is able to perform various actions in response.

Added 2003-07-04
by Domenico Andreoli
python-crack is a module that provides Python programs with the ability to evaluate password strength. It uses the well known cracklib toolkit, hence the name.

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