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Extended Attributes and ACLs for Linux
Added 2002-03-12
by Andreas Grünbacher
Linux, in the tradition of UNIX-like operating systems, implements file system permissions using a rather coarse scheme. While this is sufficient for a surprisingly large set of applications, it is too inflexible for many other scenarios. For that reason, all the major commercial UNIX operating systems have extended this simple scheme in one way or the other. This is an effort to implement POSIX-like Access Control Lists for Linux. Access Control Lists are built on top of Extended Attributes, which can also be used to associate other pieces of information with files such as Filesystem Capabilities, or user data like mime type and search keywords.

B1 Sample Source Code
Added 2001-10-22
by SGI
This source code provides a sample implementation of a B1 rated trusted system. This project is aimed squarely at developers interested in implementing trusted systems, the code that comprises this release will not work, it wont even compile. It is provided soley as a reference base for interested parties to investigate. The code has been extracted from the Trusted Irix product and provides an implementation of Manditory Access Control (MAC), Capabilities, Access Control Lists (ALCs), an Audit Trail and supporting networking code, such as netinet, netstat, nfs. The code comprises, kernel code, library code and application code, along with man pages and design and specification documents.

Anti Spoofing rules for cisco-boxes
Added 2001-10-22
by Jens Hektor, hektor@rz.rwth-aachen.de
A perl script to setup anti spoofing rules and some more on cisco-routers based on the routing information.

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