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Folder Password Expert
Added 2003-03-25
by Olaf Laturner
Folder Password Expert is a software tool that lets you restrict access to the folders that contain your sensitive data. When folders are password protected and locked, their contents cannot be read, copied, modified or deleted. To access the locked folders, you must supply the correct password.

Exec Denier
Added 2002-05-15
by Mihai Chelaru
Exec Denier is a NetBSD kernel module that restricts exec syscalls for certain UIDs. It is very useful for blocking exec calls for named and ntpd. It can also restrict exec calls for users to a certain directory.

Remote Access Session
Added 2002-03-12
by Angel Ramos
Remote Access Session is a security tool to analyze the integrity of systems. The program tries to gain access to a system using the most advanced techniques of remote intrusion. It can either work in normal mode (which is fast) or hard mode (which is more intensive). There is a big difference between Remote Access Session and other remote security audit tools. If Remote Access Session finds a remote vulnerability that gives user account or root, it will try to exploit it and it will return a shell. This allows a network administrator to discard false positives regarding remote vulnerabilities. It also includes all of the information from service banners in its output. It performs vendor and version detection on Web servers and other common servers, and also attempts remote OS identification.

Linux Port/Socket Pseudo ACLs
Added 2002-02-28
by anthonyu
The Linux Port/Socket Pseudo ACLs patch allows an administrator to delegate privileges for some protected network resources to non-root users. The ACLs are generally used to run untrusted or insecure applications as an unprivileged process, thereby mitigating some undiscovered denial of service or root compromise. The ACLs cover protected ports, raw sockets, and packet sockets.

Added 2002-01-23
by anthonyu
cage is a replacement for the chroot(8) utility. Like chroot, cage changes its root directory to the one specified and then executes your application. Before execing, however, cage drops all privileges that would allow the program to escape its jail.

Added 2002-01-03
by Terrel Shumway
rsyncpub is a stripped version of rsync-2.5.0 that implements just the --daemon functionality with read-only modules. It is intended for use in "publish-only" deployments (e.g. rsync mirrors) where security is important.

CIA Commander
Added 2001-11-22
by Datapol GmbH
CIA Commander gains full access to a NT/Win2000 Partition (NTFS). The setup makes a bootable diskette. You have graphical access to the user manager, the registry and the file system.

Added 2001-11-05
by Joerg Wendland
nss-pgsql is a name service switch (NSS) module using a PostgreSQL database as its backend. It is meant to completely replace the flat file structure in /etc for user and group management.

Added 2001-10-25
by Guillaume Morin
NSS-MySQL allows you to create Unix users or groups from a MySQL database. It features full passwd, group, and shadow support.

X LineControl Client
Added 2001-10-22
by S. Fuchs
LineControl Clients allow you to remotely control the lines (e.g., internet connections) of a server running LineControl Server. xlc (X LineControl Client) supports controlling of multiple lines/automatic hangup, and has a small floating window displaying throughput information.

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