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Added 2001-10-22
by User Datagram Protocol
This is a kernel module which you can load to detect attempts to put devices into promiscuous mode from user space via DLPI (e.g. solsniff, tcpdump, anything pcap based). It dumps the cred struct for the process, and the driver responsible, to the dmesg output buffer for collection by syslog. Read the source, please.

Solaris Security Toolkit
Added 2001-10-22
by SUN
The Solaris Security Toolkit is a tool designed to assist in creation and deployment of secured Solaris Operating Environment systems. The Toolkit is comprised of a set of scripts and directories implementing the recommendations made in the Sun BluePrints OnLine program (http://www.sun.com/blueprints).

Added 2001-10-22
by Nicolas Monier
Arpwrap is a UNIX C program. Arpwrap detects arp spoofing attacks before executing a network command such as Telnet or SSH. Arpwrap is available for LINUX platforms and SOLARIS platforms.

Solaris Security Toolkit (JASS)
Added 2001-10-22
by Sun Microsystems
The Solaris[tm] Security Toolkit, informally known as the JumpStart[tm] Architecture and Security Scripts (JASS) toolkit, provides a flexible and extensible mechanism to minimize, harden, and secure Solaris Operating Environment systems. The primary goal behind the development of this toolkit is to simplify and automate the process of securing Solaris systems. This toolkit has been developed by members of the Enterprise Engineering and Professional Services teams, is based on proven security best practices, and practical customer site experience gathered over many years. In order to support the toolkit, extensive documentation is available through the Sun BluePrints[tm] Online

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