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Shilosh OS
Added 2002-07-08
by Stefan Ilivanov
Shilosh OS provides a secure and stable operating system based on a highly modified Linux kernel, with its own package system similar to BSD's "ports". Compatible with x86 and Power PC, it is also 99% compatible with Windows 9x. It is easy to use and includes complete documentation in many languages.

Harden NT
Added 2001-10-22
by Bart Timmermans and Filip Sneppe
HardenNT is a tool created to automate the task of securing one or more Microsoft Windows based computers. It is specifically aimed at securing Windows NT 4.0 machines, although some of the functionality could also be used on Windows 9x or even Windows 2000 networks. HardenNT is aimed at: Security minded system administrators who are willing to put some time and effort into securing their Windows systems; Security consultants who find themselves having to secure Windows NT computers regularly, and who are looking at a way to automate this as much as possible without losing the flexibility of easy customization. HardenNT's strength lies in its ability to provide security baselines for various systems. It can be used to perform the following tasks: Install one or more security patches on a Windows computer depending on its operating system, CPU architecture and service pack level; Restrict a user group's default NT privileges; Turn on NT auditing for security events a user considers important; Set NTFS ACL permissions, delete and/or move security critical files; Secure a computer's registry. HardenNT is not a tool that is to be installed or even run on a computer that one wants to secure. It merely creates a number of batch files that run standard NT (and NT resource kit) tools. This means that the batch files created by HardenNT are to be copied and run on the host you want to secure. The batch files rely on Microsoft Windows NT resource kit utilities (xcalcs.exe, auditpol.exe, ntrights.exe, regini.exe and shutdown.exe) and Microsoft security hotfixes. These executables will have to be purchased or downloaded from Microsoft and copied to the host you are trying to secure.

Added 2001-10-22
by HB3^
NT_Security2.reg - Registry File helps Administrators SECURE their Win NT4.0(ws/server) and possibly some Win2k machines in a quick and efficient way. Just to be sure that everything applies to your machine go and check all the entires. If you want to remove one entry just add ';' infront of it. Added more Useful Registry Entries to NT_Security.reg. By HB3^, Node Solutions, Inc.

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