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Added 2004-01-11
by Richard Pernavas
J2SSH is an object-orientated Java implementation of the SSH version 2 protocol. It provides a rich, powerful, and extensible SSH API that enables developers to gain access to SSH servers and to develop entire SSH client/server frameworks. The API library provides a fully-featured SSH2 implementation specifically designed for cross-platform development. Higher level components, representing both the standard SSH client and SSH servers, are provided which implement the protocol specification for user sessions and port forwarding. The specification currently supports public key and password authentication and a full implementation of the SFTP protocol.

J2SSH Maverick
Added 2004-01-11
by Richard Pernavas
Maverick is a professional-level Java SSH API that is based upon the popular open source J2SSH library. It features support for both SSH1 and SSH2 protocols and compilation under JDK versions 1.1+, including the latest J2ME Java Mobile Platform. It also provides a range of performance enhancements with no dependencies, a single-threaded architecture, and improved file transfer rates.

Added 2003-12-02
by The OpenSSL Project Team
The OpenSSL Project is a collaborative effort to develop a robust, commercial-grade, fully featured, and Open Source toolkit implementing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) as well as a full-strength general-purpose cryptography library.

Added 2003-12-01
by Anthony Mulcahy
jSaluki is a small, easy to use Java hyperelliptic curve cryptography library. A simple hyperelliptic crypto system is implemented in the example file.

Graphical certification authority
Added 2003-11-26
by chris
Graphical certification authority is an interface for managing RSA keys and certificates, and the creation and signing of PKCS#10 requests. It uses the OpenSSL library and a Berkeley DB for key and certificate storage. It supports importing and exporting keys and PEM DER PKCS8 certificates, signing and revoking of PEM DER PKCS12, and the selection of x509v3 extensions. A tree view of certificates is presented.

Generic Security Service
Added 2003-11-26
by Simon Josefsson
A bug that prevented 3DES gss_wrap from working in the Kerberos 5 mechanism was fixed. The library headers file now works even when the Kerberos 5 mechanism is disabled. The package has been tested on more platforms.

Cryptomak Cipher Tools
Added 2003-10-22
by M. Abdullah Khaidar
Cryptomak contains cipher and tools such as substitution, Vigenere, Affine, transposition and index of coincidence.

Added 2003-10-14
by Filippo Vitale
axis-wsse is an external library for the Apache project Axis implementing UsernameToken spec from the working draft Web Services Security Username Token Profile ver1.1(Sunday, 26 Janurary 2003).

Added 2003-09-24
by Anthony Mulcahy
borZoi is an elliptic curve cryptography library for developers who want a simple means of adding privacy protection to their applications. Ease of use and a minimum risk of security problems due to incorrect use are its strong points.

Bugs Dynamic Cryptography
Added 2003-09-18
by Sylvain Martinez
Bugs Dynamic Cryptography is a private key cryptography algorithm. The package includes a C Library and many sample applications, including ones for file encryption, secure chatting, and login applications. The algorithm handles stream and block encryption, unlimited Keylength, and a strong key generator. Documentation and a developer HOWTO are included.

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