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Category: Authentication » Password Management

Added 2004-11-03
by Massimiliano Montoro
Credential Manager is a new SSO solution that Microsoft offers in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP to provide a secured store for credential information. It and allows you to input user name and passwords for various network resources and applications once, and then have the system automatically supply that information for subsequent visits to those resources without your intervention.

Added 2004-04-21
Chwinpw is a small command line utility that can securely change passwords on remote windows machines. It can help to enforce a higher degree of security, by periodic password maintenance of vital accounts. Chwinpw can be run from a logon script or from a central location. It is also possible to instruct chwinpw to make bulk changes.

Figaro's Password Manager
Added 2003-12-29
by John Conneely
Figaro's Password Manager (FPM) is a GNOME application that allows you to securely store your passwords, which are encrypted with the blowfish algorithm. It allows you to copy passwords or usernames to the clipboard or primary selection. If a password is for a Web site, FPM can keep track of the URLs of your login screens and can automatically launch your browser. You can also teach FPM to launch other applications. FPM can sort your passwords into categories. Finally, it has a password generator that can help you choose good passwords.

Added 2003-12-09
by Rainer Wichmann
hsftp is an ftp emulator that provides the look-and-feel of an ftp session, but uses ssh to transport commands and data. hsftp executes UNIX commands on the remote host, and thus will fail on non-Unix remote hosts. If hsftp is not set SUID root, and you have supplied a password/passphrase, it might get paged out to your swap partition during prolonged inactivity. For security, hsftp can be compiled to drop SUID root privileges irrevocably on startup, immediately after locking the memory for the password. For RSA authentication, you can avoid to have hsftp caching the passphrase if you use ssh-agent. In this case, you can use hsftp securely without setting it SUID root. hsftp has been developed on Linux. It is known to compile on a variety of other UNIX flavours (at least FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX), but may not work on all. Fixes for portability are welcome for inclusion.

Secure Data Manager
Added 2003-11-10
by Charles McCann
Secure Data Manager (SDM) is a full-featured password manager application written entirely in Java. It stores logins and other private information for Web sites, computers, credit cards, etc.

Added 2003-11-03
by Solar Designer
pam_passwdqc is a simple password strength checking module for PAM-aware password changing programs, such as passwd(1). In addition to checking regular passwords, it offers support for passphrases and can provide randomly generated passwords. All features are optional and can be (re-)configured without rebuilding.

Added 2003-10-17
by Thomas Seifert
w3pw is a Web based password wallet manager written in PHP. The encrypted information is stored in a MySQL database.

Added 2003-10-09
by Markus Kuhn
OTPW is a one-time password authentication module for POSIX systems. Its security concept is optimized for users who prefer printed paper password lists over portable electronics. In this mode of operation, it provides better protection against some attacks than other schemes (e.g. S/KEY). It provides a library that can be linked with any application that performs interactive logins. A PAM wrapper is included for simple installation under Linux.

Automated Password Generator (APG)
Added 2003-08-11
by Adel I. Mirzazhanov
Automated Password Generator is a set of tools for random password generation including a standalone password generator, an RFC972 password generation server, and a Perl client for the password generation server. These feature a built-in X9.17 random number generator, and 35 modes of password generation, including pronounceable password generation.

Added 2003-06-04
by Nafees Bin Zafar
mod_auth_any is an Apache DSO module that allows arbitrary authentication mechanisms. It allows users to specify a command line program to use for Apache's basic server security authentication.

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