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Phayoune Firewall
Added 2003-05-21
by Satit Phermsawang
Phayoune Firewall is a Thai Linux distribution that is intended to be used as a stateful inspection firewall. It runs directly from CD- ROM and does not require a hard drive. It supports port forwarding, an online monitor, Squid blocking for worms, virii, and adult content, and a menu-based setup that stores configuration details on a floppy.

Added 2003-02-04
by SecureWave
Windows 2000 and Windows XP come with drivers for several wireless LAN ("WLAN") adapters; installation requires only insertion of one of those adapters. Administrative privileges are not required, as no new drivers must be registered with the operating system. WaveLock assists in enforcing security policies by blocking access to these adapters, making it harder to circumvent firewalls, filters, proxies, and other required safeguards. To install WaveLock, download and uncompress wavelock.zip. Execute the resulting wavelock.msi file (a Windows Installer setup), which installs wavelock.sys. Reboot to load and activate WaveLock. A list of the wireless network adapters supported out-of-the-box on Windows 2000 and Windows XP can be found below. Note that WaveLock cannot know about and will therefore not block additional drivers installed by administrators.

Password Policy Enforcer
Added 2002-08-26
Password Policy Enforcer allows network administrators to create and enforce a password policy. A password policy ensures that users are choosing strong (difficult to crack) passwords. PPE checks every new password for compliance with the policy. Passwords that do not comply with the policy are rejected. PPE also displays password policy messages that help users to choose compliant passwords without having to call the helpdesk for assistance.

Access Point SNMP Utils for Linux
Added 2002-05-06
by roma
Access Point SNMP Utils for Linux is a set of utilities to configure and monitor Atmel-based wireless access points (the case for most Intersil clone vendors) under Linux.

CHX-I Universal Application Firewall and Intrusion Detection Engine.
Added 2001-12-06
by IDRCI Inc.
CHX-I is a TCP Application firewall. New in version 1.7: - SSL taffic analysis engine allows for in-transit TCP payload firewalling - SSL server side transparent encryption allows encryption of TCP application services - In-transit TCP packet data modification allows for manipulation of sensitive or undesired data - Asynchronous reverse data flow search allows for traffic direction specifications - Multiple engine actions on traffic flow such as Drop, Log and Replace

Form Scalpel
Added 2001-10-22
by curryman
"Form Scalpel" is designed to aid security professionals to assess the resilience of a web sites forms to various forms of attack. Supports HTTP/HTTPS, Proxy servers, Cookies, Java/javascript/vbscript/XML pages and forms - GUI interface. Detailed analysis of certificates and real-time manipulation of HTML data.

007 SafetyNet 1.0
Added 2001-10-22
by WebGrip, Inc
SafetyNet was designed for parents, educators, and employers who need to ensure that their computers and networks are not compromised, either intentionally or not, by exposure to web sites, pictures, or software that they find objectionable.

Added 2001-10-22
by SwankSoft Incorporated
HistoryKill is the complete privacy tool that removes your web surfing path by removing the URL drop-list history, detailed history file, cache, and cookies in both Navigator and Explorer browsers. It also has the option to remove your Start->Run drop-list history and your Start->Documents folder, allowing you to sync your privacy on both your operating system and your web browsers.

Added 2001-10-22
by XemiComputers Ltd., netpd@xemico.com
NetPD detects programs that are using your Internet connection and may prevent transmission. Virtually every program on your computer can detect that you are online and use your connection to send and receive any kind of data, without your knowledge. NetPD 1.0 runs in the systray and informs you whenever any program tries to use Internet. The only thing you have to do is to maintain 3 lists: programs that can use Internet without notification, programs that need your approval and programs that are blocked from Internet use.

UC2 Lite
Added 2001-10-22
by netsiren Ltd., uc2lite@netsiren.com
UC2 Lite is an Internet access and e-mail monitoring software tool. Features include Web pages visited and the pictures viewed, showing the date and time of browsing, E-Mails sent out and received with the full text displayed and details of the name, date and size of any attachments, files that have been downloaded from the internet via the file transfer protocol, etc.

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