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Category: Cryptography » Steganography

Added 2001-10-22
by Allan Latham
JPHIDE and JPSEEK are programs which allow you to hide a file in a jpeg visual image. There are lots of versions of similar programs available on the internet but JPHIDE and JPSEEK are rather special. The design objective was not simply to hide a file but rather to do this in such a way that it is impossible to prove that the host file contains a hidden file.

Added 2001-10-22
by Romana Machado
This privacy utility demonstrates a new way of communicating securely. Want to communicate securely, but don't want to send large files of strange-looking numbers? Want to use strong crypto, but know that your email is not secure enough? Stego works like invisible ink for Internet communication. Stego can hide an encrypted text file in a GIF format image file - which is the most commonly used image format on the World Wide Web. The resulting GIF can be attached to an email message or posted on a web page. This source code is distributed copyleft.

Added 2001-10-22
by INFOSEC Information Security Co., hwashun@infosec.com.tw
Z-File Camouflage&Encryption System, integrates compression, encryption, and camouflage technology to protect your personal privacy and business core data. Your file will be effectively compressed, strongly encrypted, and implanted into an ordinary image of your choice. This procedure leaves no hint that your file contains any meaningful information other than a simple image.

Added 2001-10-22
by Werner Bailer, wbstego@mustbuy.com
wbStego99 is a steganography tool for Windows95/98 and Windows NT 4.0. It hides any data in bitmap images, ASCII and ANSI text files, HTML files and Adobe Acrobat (PDF files). For the encoding and decoding process two user-friendly interfaces are provided. wbStego99 is ideal for transmitting data safely online but also for adding copyright information.

Added 2001-10-22
by Nikola Injac, Nikola_Injac@hotmail.com
DiSi-Steganograph is a very small, DOS-based steganographic program that embeds data in PCX images.

MandelSteg and GIFExtract
Added 2001-10-22
by Henry Hastur
These two programs allow you to hide confidential data in fractal GIF images, giving an increased level of security compared to sending PGP-encrypted email over the Internet. MandelSteg will create a Mandelbrot image (though it could easily be modified to produce other fractals), storing your data in the specified bit of the image pixels, after which GIFExtract can be used by the recipient to extract that bit-plane of the image.

Pretty Good Envelope
Added 2001-10-22
by Robert G. Durnal, afn21533@afn.org
PRETTY GOOD ENVELOPE is a program suite for hiding a (binary) message in a larger binary file, and retrieving such a hidden message. The algorithm is simple; append the message to the binary envelope file, and then append a 4-byte pointer to the start of the message. To retrieve the message, the last 4 bytes of the file are read, the file pointer is set to that value, and the file read from that point, excluding the last 4 pointer bytes. PGE20 is implemented so that it physically alters the envelope file as found on disk, rather than reading it and re-writing it. So if you want to preserve the envelope file unaltered, it is suggested that you work from a copy of the original graphic or wave file. Full DOS file specification is supported, up to a maximum of 36 characters. When retrieving a message, you have complete control over the naming of the output file.

Steganos 1.4
Added 2001-10-22
by Fabian Hansmann, 100651.3561@compuserve.com
Steganos combines two very strong technologies for securing information: cryptography and steganography. Steganos hides a file inside a BMP, VOC, WAV or ASCII file - so you are able to not just make information unusable for a third party (which you do by using cryptologic methods), but you even hide the existence of any information. A second idea for using Steganos is to protect your pictures. If someone uses one of your pictures (or sounds) you can prove that it is yours - just store a file with your copyright in the picture.

Added 2001-10-22
by J. Weiler, jweiler@9-Yards.com
InPlainView is a program designed to Hide and Recover all sorts of things from inside of a bmp picture file. InPlainView does not alter the files size or appearance. In all aspects, inside and out, the bmp file is perfectly normal. InPlainView will take any TRUE COLOR (24 bit) bmp file and insert any payload file provided that the payload file is not too large. You can even specify an optional password to further protect your data.

Added 2001-10-22
by Colin Maroney
This is a stego program that hide any data into GIF images. It flips the LSBs of pseudo-randomly chosen pixels. The data is first encrypted using the blowfish algorithm.

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