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GNU Privacy Guard DNS Keyserver Client
Added 2002-07-08
by Simon Josefsson
GNU Privacy Guard DNS Keyserver Client enables sending and retrieving OpenPGP keys with GnuPG to and from DNS-based keyservers. DNS-based keyservers offer several advantages over traditional HTTP-based ones, such as distributed caching, server fail-over, and geographical optimal server selection, etc.

Added 2002-03-25
by Casper Pedersen
squid_auth_ldap is authentication via LDAP for the Squid proxy server.

Added 2002-03-19
by mike eldridge
kiss-radiusd is an extremly simple, mostly RFC-compliant RADIUS server designed to work with ascend (lucent) max hardware on a Linux platform. It supports authentication, acounting, and logging of Access-Rejects against a connection-pool oriented MySQL interface.

EntAuth Server
Added 2002-02-11
by Lukasz Luzar
EntAuth Server provides reliable two-factor identification and authentication service for the enterprise network. It is a standalone authentication server for a peer-to-peer network of distributed security servers. EntAuth is designed to allow mobile users to access the enterprise network only with carring single token for generating one-time passwords. The server is compatible with CellToken, that is an token application written in Java 2 Micro Edition (j2me) installed on your mobile phone.

NTLM Authorization Proxy Server
Added 2001-12-27
by Dmitry Rozmanov
'NTLM Authorization Proxy Server' is a proxy software that allows you to authenticate via an MS Proxy Server using the proprietary NTLM protocol. It can change arbitrary values in your client's request header so that those requests will look like they were created by MS IE. It is written in Python v1.5.2 language.

Added 2001-12-19
by Nick Leuta
BSDftpd-ssl is an RFC2228 "FTP Security Extensions"-compliant FTP server. It is based on FreeBSD's ftpd, and with special clients supports TLS/SSL for both control and data connections, but with standard clients operates as a standard FTP server.

Added 2001-11-29
by Devrim SERAL
The Tacacs+ daemon from Cisco Systems is used in conjunction with Cisco routers for authorization, authentication, and accounting services.

Added 2001-11-21
by Chris Evans
vsftpd is an FTP server written from the ground up to be free of security holes, whilst providing safeguards so the impact is low if it isn't. It is also very small and fast.

Added 2001-11-13
by Dave Bailey
bsdproxy is an event-driven TCP proxy for FreeBSD which uses the kqueue(2)/kevent(2) API in the event loop. It can be used to proxy any communication between a server and its clients which takes place over a TCP connection. It was mainly written to serve as an example of the uses of FreeBSD kernel event queues for event-driven I/O.

Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)
Added 2001-10-22
by Project Cyrus, cyrus-bugs+@andrew.cmu.edu
The Cyrus SASL library is a generic library for easy integration of secure network authentication to any client or server application. It supports authentication via standard plaintext methods as well as CRAM-MD5 and DIGEST-MD5 shared secret methods and KERBEROS_V4 and GSSAPI Kerberos methods. The SASL protocol framework is used by SMTP, IMAP, ACAP, LDAP, and other standard protocols.

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