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Category: Secure Deletion

Added 2004-01-11
by linux
Recovery of supposedly erased data from magnetic media is easier than what many people would like to believe. A technique called Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) allows any moderately funded opponent recover the last two or three layers of data written to disk. Wipe repeadetly overwrites special patterns to the files to be destroyed, using the fsync() call and/or the O_SYNC bit to force disk access.

East-Tec Eraser
Added 2003-09-17
by EAST Technologies, eraser@east-tec.com
East-Tec Eraser ("Eraser" in short) is a security application for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP designed to help you completely eliminate sensitive data from your computer and protect your computer and Internet privacy. Eraser introduces a new meaning for the verb TO ERASE. Erasing a file now means wiping its contents beyond recovery, scrambling its name and dates and finally removing it from disk. When you want to get rid of sensitive files or folders beyond recovery, add them to the Eraser list of doomed files and ask Eraser to do the job. Eraser offers tight integration with the Windows shell, so you can drag files and folders from Explorer and drop them in Eraser, or you can erase them directly from Explorer by selecting Erase beyond recovery from the context menu.

Added 2003-06-16
by Sami Tolvanen, eraser@tolvanen.com
Eraser is an advanced security tool, which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns. You can drag and drop files and folders to the on-demand eraser, use the convenient Explorer shell extension or use the integrated scheduler to program overwriting of unused disk space or, for example, browser cache files to happen regularly, at night, during your lunch break, at weekends or whenever you like.

Added 2003-06-03
by Heidi Computers Ltd
Are You Concerned? - that browsing the Internet has left traces of sites you've visited, all over your hard drive i.e. in the Registry, Cache etc. - that a website you are browsing may install Spyware or Viruses on your PC? - that your Credit Card details are being tracked by your browser while purchasing online? - that eliminator-type programs have not really cleaned your Registry properly? - that your laptop is lost or stolen with all the sensitive information still stored in the history and cache of your browser? - that unauthorised personnel may take a look at your PC, while you were not around? Or that Hackers are probing your PC? - that a company or individual is interested in tracking your online habits for marketing or other more dangerous purposes? - NoTrax PREVENTS this.

Added 2003-05-30
by Jetico, Inc.
The BCWipe utility is designed to securely delete files from the disk. Standard file deletion leaves the contents of the "deleted" file on your disk. Unless it has been overwritten by files subsequently saved, it can be recovered using standard disk utilities. Working quickly and integrated with Windows Shell, BCWipe shreds data in files so that they can not be recovered by any means. BCWipe software is a freeware for non-commercial and non-governmental use. Please, refer to BCWipe End-User license agreement for more information on licensing terms.

East-Tec File Shredder
Added 2003-03-18
by EAST Technologies
East-Tec File Shredder securely destroys (shreds) sensitive and private files beyond recovery. Simply drag & drop files to the shredder icon on your desktop, or select the files you want to destroy directly from the Windows Explorer right-click menu. The files will be gone for good.

Added 2003-03-07
by Phil Howard
DiskZapper is a Linux-based bootable (floppy or CD-ROM) tool intended to wipe all hard drives on the machine it runs on to binary zero. This is intended for uses such as making sure old computers or hard drives being sold or trashed are clear of any confidential data, and to be sure certain computers are clear of any unlicensed software in the event the software piracy police visit. It comes in the form of a floppy image (ready to dd or rawrite) or a CD ISO image (ready to burn to CDR). No other software or OS required. This is a dangerous tool. Please store out of reach of children.

Added 2003-02-04
by Ben Maurer
NtDump allows the dumping of password hashes and LSA secrets on Windows NT computers. NtDump is small as so to reduce network traffic. It is also able to run in a batch-mode in which it can dump from multiple computers with maximum performance.

SQLSnake Removal Utility
Added 2002-05-28
by felipe@nstalker.com
SQLSnake Removal Utility detects and removes SQLSnake locally.

Added 2002-03-27
by Dan Mares
DECLASFY is designed to meet Department of Defense standards from the rainbow series concerning declassification (wiping) of hard disks, and cleansing of floppy disks. Declasfy writes the entire disk with hex 0s, then 1s (0xff), then random characters or symbols as many time as the user wishes. Since it runs from a DOS boot it wipes the entire drive, not subject to drive access limitiations of WINDOWS.

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