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Hardening the TCP/IP stack to SYN attacks
This article discusses methods of hardening the TCP/IP stack of various operating systems to make servers more resistant to SYN flooding and SYN spoofing Denial of Service (DOS) attacks.
By: Mariusz Burdach 2003-09-10

Slow Down Internet Worms With Tarpits
This timely article discusses how to slow the spread of Internet worms using a tarpit and IPtables on Linux. A similar approach could potenially be used with tarpits on Windows platforms, Solaris, OpenBSD, and others.
By: Tony Bautts 2003-08-21

Firewall Evolution - Deep Packet Inspection
Deep Packet Inspection can be seen as the integration of Intrusion Detection (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention (IPS) capabilities with traditional stateful firewall technology.
By: Ido Dubrawsky 2003-07-29

Linux Firewall-related /proc Entries
This article will discuss Linux kernel variables and the effect they have on network security for your host or firewall. These variables determine the handling of network packets and are independent of any kernel filtering rules.
By: Brian Hatch 2003-07-14

The Enemy Within: Firewalls and Backdoors
This article presents an overview of modern backdoor techniques, discusses how they can be used to bypass network firewalls.
By: Bob Rudis and Phil Kostenbader 2003-06-09

Welcome to the SecurityFocus Firewalls Focus Area
SecurityFocus is very pleased to announce the roll-out of the new Firewalls focus area.
By: Marcus Ranum 2003-06-04

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