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Category: Access Control

Added 2004-04-12
by Stephan Schmieder
Snort2Pf is a small Perl daemon which greps the snort Alertfile and blocks the IP addresses of attackers for a given span of time. It only works a systems with pf installed (OpenBSD and others).

Wolverine Firewall and VPN Server
Added 2004-04-05
by Joshua Jackson
Wolverine is a firewall and VPN server that is based on the Embedded Coyote Linux distribution of Linux. This product is intended as an alternative to commercial devices such as the Cisco PIX, the FireBox, etc. Wolverine features a hardened Linux 2.4-based stateful firewall along with IPSEC and PPTP VPN services. As it is intended to be an embedded solution, the overall installation size is roughly 8Mb.

Added 2004-03-26
by The Public IP ZoneCD has been created to help implement safe, free, wifi hotspots. NoCat dynamic fir
The Public IP ZoneCD has been created to help implement safe, free, wifi hotspots. NoCat dynamic firewall rules are used for user access and authentication. A transparent proxy sends all "Public" requests from NoCat through a content filter (Dansguardian) to block porn, hacker sites, extreme violence, illegal drugs, and other obscene and explicit Web sites. The content filter also blocks files extensions to protect your network from viruses, and restricts file sizes to save bandwidth.

Securepoint Firewall and VPN Server
Added 2004-03-25
by Lutz Hausmann
Securepoint Firewall and VPN Server is a high-performance application designed to offer full protection for network assets. The Security Manager offers a graphical user interface with many features, different configurations, and advanced reporting functions. The Securepoint server is a complete firewall and VPN software system with an operating system based on a secure Linux. VPN operation supports PPTP and IPSec (X.509 certificates, preshared, RSA signature). You can use the firewall on a standard PC with 2 to 16 network cards (including Ethernet, ADSL, ISDN). It is very easy to install and administer. The Securepoint Security Manager is available in English, German, and Spanish, and works in online and offline mode.

Added 2004-03-11
by Mark Nagel
filewatcher is a Perl program that uses RCS to maintain a local file archive repository. A configuration file details which files and directories to monitor and to whom reports should be delivered.

Added 2004-03-04
by Aras
fwall is a simple user-friendly firewall script for iptables. It is based on bash. It includes a configuration for 1-2 interfaces, port forwarding, DoS protection, and so on.

Coyote Linux
Added 2004-03-02
by Joshua Jackson
Coyote Linux is a single floppy distribution for people who have an Internet connection that they wish to share with other computers on a LAN. In addition to connection sharing, it also provides firewall services to help protect the internal network. The goal of the Coyote project is to make it as quick and easy as possible to share an Internet connection.

Shoreline Firewall
Added 2004-03-01
by Tom Eastep
Shorewall is an iptables-based firewall for Linux Systems. Its configuration is very flexible, allowing it to be used in a wide range of firewall/gateway/router environments.

LEAF (Bering-uClibc)
Added 2004-03-01
by LEAF Project Developers
LEAF (Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall) is an easy-to-use embedded Linux system that is meant for creating network appliances for use in small office, home office, and home automation environments. Although it can be used in other ways, it is primarily used as a gateway/router/firewall for Internet leaf sites.

Openwall Linux kernel patch
Added 2004-02-20
by Solar Designer
The Openwall Linux kernel patch is a collection of security "hardening" features for the Linux kernel. In addition to the new features, some versions of the patch contain various security fixes. The "hardening" features of the patch, while not a complete method of protection, provide an extra layer of security against the easier ways to exploit certain classes of vulnerabilities and/or reduce the impact of those vulnerabilities. The patch can also add a little bit more privacy to the system by restricting access to parts of /proc so that users may not see what others are doing.

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