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Category: Auditing » Log Analysis

In Memory Core Dump
Added 2003-04-25
by Mission Critical Linux
In Memory Core Dump uses system memory to save crash information. On a subsequent reboot of the system, the crash information can be recovered.

Async Blockreport
Added 2003-04-03
by Christian Reis
Async Blockreport processes sendmail logs and produces reports of the messages blocked using DNSBLs for each system user. Blockreport can be set up as a cron job to mail these reports to your users periodically, providing them with an idea of how much spam they would be getting if the spam filters didn't work, and also telling them if any false positives occurred.

Added 2003-03-21
by Tóth András
pppcost is a graphical displaying tool for pppcounter.

Added 2003-03-19
by João Seabra - CI-AAC
3cmstats retrieves information from your 3com HomeConnect (tailfin) cable modem (that sometimes is password protected in the Web page modem config) such as Downstream, Upstream, and Registration information and outputs to stdout in Valid XHTML 1.1. Amongst the data are Rx power level, Tx Power Level, and Frequency. It doesn't use SNMP, so it will probably work on 3Com cable modems that have SNMP disabled.

Added 2003-03-12
by cyberny
Trafcalc calculates the size of the TCP-payload on a system via packet capturing and connection tracking at the user level instead of the IP level.

Added 2003-03-10
by Alexandre Dubus
AudiStat is a PHP application for generating and showing statistics for your Web site. It gives you statistics about hit counts, referring page, visitors country, visitors domain name, etc.

Added 2003-03-06
by reflex-2000
ppplog keeps track of your PPP online sessions. Once started it detects when you are online and automatically calculates costs according to your local phone company. It doesn't matter whether your company still calculates by units (fix price for a unit, units differ in length) or by seconds (unitlength = n sec, price differs). Everything can be easily configured. The setup for your phone company is stored in a config file.

AlterWind LogAnalyzer
Added 2003-03-03
by AlterWind Software
AlterWind LogAnalyzer is powerful Web site traffic analysis software. It quickly generates traditional and some additional reports for your Web site log files. It has a number of additional features, including an easy-to-use interface, and support for different log file formats.

Web Log
Added 2003-02-25
by Web Log
WebLog is a Web interface to Syslogd, the Unix system log daemon. It supports viewing logs, loading various log files (in syslogd format), displaying an arbitrary number of lines, and searching for a specific string in the loaded log file. It uses a PHP interface to a MySQL database for faster operations.

Added 2003-02-24
by Nuno Branco
my-swatch pretends to be an implementation of msyslog and swatch together. What it pretends to accomplish is put all together, to log events to a remote database (like msyslog), and to awake triggers (like swatch). When a certain condition occurs you can be notified by email and awake certain events, like play a sound. You can also log the event to a remote database and use a Web browser to surf through the logs.

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