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NT Registry Harderner
Added 2001-10-22
by vacuum@technotronic.com
This tool attempts to lock down an NT host by implementing the following actions (Registry changes): - restrictlogaccess.reg restricts guest access to the system, applications, and security logs. - hidelastlogin.reg stops the last userid that logged into the machine from being dislplayed. - nolm.reg Disables the LanMangager Hash - lmonrequest.reg enables LanManger Hashes only upon server request - disablenullsessions.reg restricts anonymous logins.

NT Service Pack Checker
Added 2001-10-22
by Gregg Branham
This is a command line utility that lists service pack and hot fix information for Windows NT machines.

SID2User & User2SID
Added 2001-10-22
by Evgenii Rudnyi
User2sid.exe can retrieve a SID from the SAM (Security Accounts Manager) from the local or a remote machine Sid2user.exe can then be used to retrieve the names of all the user accounts and more. These utilities do not exploit a bug but call the functions LookupAccountName and LookupAccountSid respectively. What is more these can be called against a remote machine without providing logon credentials save those needed for a null session connection.

NTO Tools
Added 2001-10-22
by NTObjectives Inc.
NTOLog is a networkwide backup and log-clearing utility for NT event logs that can quickly back up all the logs in an entire NT domain with one command. LServers is a NetBIOS name-dumping utility that can quickly iterate all the names of any listening PDC or BDC, and all other NT systems listening on a network. NPList is a network process- dumping utility that lists all the processes running on a given NT system or all the NT systems across an NT domain.

Added 2001-10-22
by Dennis Adler
This is a program that monitors a given file for changes in size. It is very efficient; a small program that uses almost no CPU time. Why the name ICEWatch? Well, I wrote it to co-exist with a packet filter/firewall program called BlackICE Defender from Network ICE ( http://www.networkice.com). This handy program monitors all "hack" attempts coming in from the Internet and it creates a log file with many details of the attempted access. Although the program alerts you to an incoming intrusion attempt it only does so by flashing an icon in the system tray. So, I wrote this little utility to monitor changes in the log file size and play an alarm sound when changes are detected.

Narrow Security Scanner (Unix/Perl)
Added 2001-10-22
by Narr0w, nss@privacyx.com
Narrow Security Scanner 2000 (Unix /Perl) searches for 367 remote vulnerabilities.

Added 2001-10-22
by deepquest
This is one of the worlds most cross platform cgi scanners, running on 37 operating systems! Even Palmos soon! Will check for 119 of common cgi and other remote issues. Plus it will report you the Bugtraq ID of some vulnerabilities. Get the rebol interpreter at http://www.rebol.com.

Added 2001-10-22
by Jerry Kilpatrick, jerry@linuxscripts.com
thor.pl keeps tabs on suid and sgid files on your file system. It also keeps track of the checksums of your binaries and the root accounts on the system as well as a few other things. It's a handy script that helps you find possible security risks, or breakins.

Added 2001-10-22
by Fresh Software, icos@arez.com
X-NetStat 3.0 is a program for Windows 9x/NT that monitors your current network and Internet connections. XNS will display your each of your connections' source and remote network address (Hostname or IP), the local and remote port the connection is utilizing, the protocol (ICMP, UDP, TCP) being used to communicate, and the status of the connection. Any time you connect to a website, check your email, send an ICQ message, or unknowingly open a backdoor or your system, XNS will take notice and display the details of each connection in it's window. X-Netstat lets you go behind the scenes of your network activity, has an intuitive interface, and can be stowed away unobtrusively in the system tray. Bottom line, X-NetStat is the fastest and easiest way to see what exactly is going on over the Internet or your LAN. Excellent GUI and plenty of very useful options. Shareware by Fresh Software.

Scandetd 1.1.3
Added 2001-10-22
by Michal Suszycki, mike@wizard.ae.krakow.pl
Scandetd is daemon which attempts to recognize port scans. If it detects a port scan, the daemon sends e-mail to root@localhost (by default) with following informations: host, number of connections made, port of the first connection and it's time, port of the last one and it's time, and type of scan (FIN, SYN).

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