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Category: Access Control » Firewall

Added 2002-05-15
by Balazs Scheidler
Zorp is a proxy firewall suite. Its core framework allows the administrator to finetune proxy decisions (with its built-in script language), and fully analyze complex protocols (including SSH with several forwarded TCP connections, or SSL with an embedded POP3 protocol). FTP, HTTP, finger, whois, and SSL protocols are fully supported with an application-level gateway. Zorp aims for compliance with the Common Cirteria/Application-level Firewall Protection Profile for Medium Robustness Enviroment.

Added 2002-05-13
by Luigi Genoni, venom@DarkStar.sns.it
Knetfilter is a KDE frontend to iptables. It is used with Linux 2.4 to manage the functionality of netfilter. Knetfilter lets you set up most common firewall configurations, as well as perform more sophisticated management of a complex firewall. It is also possible to use an integrated interface to tcpdump and nmap.

Astaro Security Linux (ASL)
Added 2002-05-03
by astaro
Astaro Security Linux is a new firewall solution. It does stateful inspection, packet filtering, content filtering, virus scanning, VPN with IPSec, and much more. With its Web-based management tool and the ability to pull updates over the Internet, it it is pretty easy to manage. It is based on a special hardened Linux 2.4 distribution where most daemons are running in change-roots and are protected by capabilities.

IP Filter
Added 2002-05-01
by ondruska
IP Filter is a TCP/IP packet filter, suitable for use in a firewall environment. To use, it can either be used as a loadable kernel module or incorporated into your UNIX kernel; use as a loadable kernel module where possible is highly recommended. Scripts are provided to install and patch system files, as required.

myNetWatchman Perl Agent
Added 2002-05-01
by Chad Wagner
myNetWatchman Perl Agent is a client for myNetWatchman.com. This program is designed to capture rejected packet information from various firewall logs and forward this attack information to central analysis servers at myNetWatchman.com, which then analyze events and escalate to the provider of the source.

IDMS Firewall
Added 2002-04-30
by Nigel Kukard
IDMS is a very powerfull firewall configuration script with support for basically any type of system. It features an easy to use configuration, traffic shaping/logging, spoof protection, and dynamic table reloading.

Ghost Port Scan
Added 2002-04-26
by whitehat@altern.org
GPS is an advanced port scanner and a firewall rules disclosure software, which uses IP and ARP spoofing, sniffing and other technics in order to perform stealth information collections. GPS is especially efficient in LAN pen-testing, due to its ability to disclose the firewall settings of a host.

Added 2002-04-24
by fritscsa
Yafig is a LAMP-based firewall rule generator that creates shell scripts for use with Linux netfilter/iptables. The user interface is similar to the FireWall-1 policy editor. Its main features are Web-based host, network, and service management. support for multiple policies with individual password protection, shared objects for multiple policies, support for chains (default and custom), and architecture independence.

Alfandega Firewall
Added 2002-04-16
by Christian Tosta
Alfandega Firewall is a collection of Perl modules that helps users to implement iptables-based firewalls for two interfaces. It provides local and remote blacklists, spoofing checks, packet forwarding, ICMP control, service configuration, and more.

PCX Firewall (Rules)
Added 2002-04-15
by James A. Pattie
PCX Firewall is an IPTables firewalling solution that uses Perl to generate static shell scripts based upon the user's configuration settings. This allows the firewall to startup quickly, as it does not have to parse config files every time it starts.

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